Does the investment industry need a fitness app?

24 January 2019

On a recent cycle ride, a fellow cyclist asked me what FINBOURNE does. Before I could reply a friend interjected with “FINBOURNE is building a ‘Strava’ for investment data”.

Thomson Reuters and FINBOURNE

16 July 2018

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Thomson Reuters who will be using our cloud based advanced investment management platform, LUSID®, for its client and transaction data. Our 18 month anniversary has just passed, so what better way to celebrate than to partner with the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets.

Digital Innovation in the Asset Management Industry

25 April 2018

We read with interest a recent survey released by Alpha FMC revealing that asset managers see digital transformation as a top priority but two-thirds are slowed down by legacy systems and culture clashes.

Leading Financial Institutions Join FINBOURNE's Design Council

28 March 2018

At FINBOURNE, we are proud to work with some of the world’s leading asset managers and servicers who are pushing the boundaries of innovation, challenging the status quo and using technology as a real driver in helping transform their businesses.

What a Naval Historian Can Teach Us About Data

08 March 2018

Everyone knows that data is important, but do we really appreciate how important access to correct data is for the successful execution of an investment strategy?


04 October 2017

FINBOURNE Technology launches LUSID™ a revolutionary replacement software system for the asset management industry.

RegTech: Barking Up the Wrong Tree

25 August 2017

Huge amounts of money are being spent on bolt-on regulatory technology. Why don’t we embrace the capabilities of our digital infrastructure and allow the data required by regulation to be gathered as part of the core business process. I worry that a lot of the RegTech industry is just barking up the wrong tree.

In Real-time, Every Time

19 June 2017

In our last piece, we said we would talk more about “transactions” being the meta-solution to a swathe of investment industry challenges. We hope this post sheds some more light on what we have been working on and how it could make your life as an investment professional easier.

Real Problems. Real Solutions.

24 May 2017

A big part of our story at Finbourne is maintaining an open communications channel with our customers, our partners and the community in general. Over the course of a vast numbers of discussions, meetings and validation sessions, we’ve identified some common themes of interest and pain that I want to

Time For a Change

03 May 2017

During the first quarter of 2017, European asset managers enjoyed inflows of EUR210bn - the highest in 5 years. This is great news and points to a wider theme that governments around the world are shifting responsibility for savings and retirement to the private sector – all good for investment managers.