The year that was: FINBOURNE 2019 year in review

As it comes to the end of the year, we’ve taken a few minutes to look back on on 2019 – what we’ve achieved and where to for Team FINBOURNE next year. None of this would be possible without the support of our awesome employees, clients, partners and investors. A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved, not just in 2019 but for the last three years – what a journey so far.


FINBOURNE Yr End Infographic


2019 in numbers:

  • Over 100 API endpoints built on our many services
  • Millions of API calls to LUSID, our open API-first investment data platform
  • 1 LUSID Early Access Program launched
  • 2 certifications achieved – SOC 2 and ISAE 3000
  • 2 new partners providing market data and FX data to LUSID customers
  • 1 Best Buyside Newcomer Award won!
  • 56 people in Team FINBOURNE
  • 272 pizzas eaten by the team!
  • 1 MeetUp hosted (our first one on Machine Learning)


Some of our most read blog posts


Looking to 2020

Next year, our community will be the focus. We hope that you can tell us how to grow LUSID by contributing code samples, issues and feedback into Github. Based on what we've learnt this year, we’re building out new functionality around reconciliation, data extraction, mapping, consolidation and analytics. We’re also planning to integrate a number of market and reference data providers to give the community a broad choice of vendors to easily plug in and use. Keep watching this space. And tell us what you want to see!

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