LUSID design council

Leading Financial Institutions Join FINBOURNE's Design Council

At FINBOURNE, we are proud to work with some of the world’s leading asset managers and servicers who are pushing the boundaries of innovation, challenging the status quo and using technology as a real driver in helping transform their businesses.

We’re collaborating with five leading financial institutions with over $2 trillion assets under management - including Fidelity International and Altana Wealth - to help design and refine the features of a shared cloud-based investment management platform that can replace existing in-house software and hardware. We call this the LUSID® Design Council.

These five leading financial institutions span the full spectrum of the investment industry and include UK and international managers as well as custodians and a hedge fund. We meet monthly to discuss how to rationalise infrastructure costs, achieve advanced standards of data handling and improve the quality of information for institutional clients.

When we first explained the concept of a shared cloud-based asset management platform to potential clients, many were keen to help in its design. It is these early client contacts that form the core of our LUSID Design Council. Our goal? Quite simply it’s to work with the market to help design our LUSID platform, a shared cloud-based investment management platform that reduces operating costs, greatly improves the quality of information for in-house and client use and achieves state of the art security.

Yugo Ashida, Director, Architecture, Fidelity International said: “FINBOURNE is building a platform from the ground-up based on collective experience which allows us to approach data challenges in a novel way. Being a member of the LUSID Design Council gives us the flexibility to test different technology, apply new thinking and put in place the foundations to reimagine our current architecture.”

Just recently, consultancy firm Oliver Wyman published its Wholesale Banks and Asset Managers – Winning Under Pressure report which highlights many of the challenges we see facing the market. It sees a “strong case for ‘greenfield’ builds. Under this approach, technology firms, working in partnership with Asset Managers, could launch a platform-based offering with a core data integration and orchestration layer, combined with a strong analytics environment, and an open application programming interface (API) front-end. The speed of transformation for Asset Managers migrating to such a platform could be rapid.”

We believe that more collaboration and less disruption is how we can improve the overall customer experience and free our clients to concentrate on managing money, not on non-differentiating back-office processes.

If you’re an asset manager and you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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