Culture and Diversity

Life as an Associate Project Manager at FINBOURNE



In this series, we speak to our diverse and talented colleagues about life at FINBOURNE. In each interview we will learn more about their roles, what drives and motivates them, and what life is like at a fast-paced scale-up.

This time we caught up with Zeynep Solmus, Associate Project Manager, to hear about her first few months in the Customer Success team and what she enjoys most about working for the company.

Tell us a bit about your role at FINBOURNE?

As an Associate Project Manager in the Customer Success team at FINBOURNE, I am responsible for maintaining client relationships and understanding their needs throughout the product implementation lifecycle and beyond. My team functions as the ‘Client Voice’ within FINBOURNE, and in my multi-faceted role I support Senior Project Managers to build strong and productive relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. I engage with clients daily, and in order to ensure their requirements are met I work closely with the Engineering, Platform and Finance teams within FINBOURNE. I provide our Product team with feedback and build out plans to help define future state architecture of our products, LUSID and Luminesce. Part of my role is also dedicated to scoping and engaging in conversations with clients to gauge how the use of our products can be expanded across their organisation.

How was your onboarding experience at FINBOURNE?

My first week at FINBOURNE was definitely the most interesting and unique experience of my professional career so far. Whilst most new recruits would spend their first few days organising their desk and computer set-up, I jumped on a plane with my colleagues to visit a new client we were onboarding. The client workshops were a great introduction to FINBOURNE as I learnt how LUSID can benefit our clients and the functionalities it delivers, first-hand from our experts. It was also exciting to see our mission in practice, delivering clients with next generation data management tools to support their business.

When I returned to London, I settled into the office and got to know my colleagues. The employees at FINBOURNE are its greatest asset and as a result, I’ve made some good friends so far. While FINBOURNE has a flexible working policy, I enjoy coming into the office to work with my team and to collaborate with employees from different areas of the company. Everyone is hard-working and busy but we enjoy getting together for coffee breaks and socialising after work.

FINBOURNE has just celebrated five years in industry, what makes the company a unique place to work?

Since I graduated, I have worked for some large corporations and whilst they provided me with solid experience and knowledge to pursue a successful career in Fintech, I knew I wanted to try something different. At FINBOURNE we consider ourselves a challenger with a mission to shape the future of investment management. It has given me the opportunity to work with innovative people who think outside the box, who challenge assumptions and who are really bought into the difference we’re trying to make. It has been a breath of fresh air!

There is a strong sense of cultivating growth here and I’m looking to build on both aspects of my role so that in the future I can lead projects across a portfolio of clients throughout the project implementation lifecycle. With the training opportunities I have been offered, I am building on my understanding of the investment management industry and how fund managers can use our products to interact with data in a meaningful way to their business.

As a woman in Fintech, what makes FINBOURNE an exciting place for you?

The Fintech sector is booming and it’s really exciting to see FINBOURNE growing at such a fast pace. As a woman in Fintech, what’s most encouraging is seeing our efforts to increase female representation in this sector. Diversity and equal representation is key for any company to be successful, and I am a strong believer that bringing different viewpoints and perspectives at the highest level will ultimately determine a firm’s success and employee satisfaction. Throughout my career I’ve been lucky to work with incredible women. They have brought a different set of skills and expertise to this field, and have empowered me to rise to new challenges, including my role at FINBOURNE.

Looking ahead, what is next for you at FINBOURNE?

The first few months have been a valuable learning curve for me, and this is only the beginning of my career journey here. My goal is to be a key decision maker at FINBOURNE, and I aim to do this by developing my industry knowledge and project management skills, to build productive and meaningful relationships with clients and internal stakeholders.

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