LUSID Early Access Program

We've been in stealth mode for a while busily building LUSID and now we're ready to release our Early Access Program (EAP). Here are all the questions you might have about LUSID and some (hopefully) helpful answers. If there’s anything we haven’t addressed, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer.

So, what is LUSID?

It’s the answer you’ve been waiting for to all your data management problems. LUSID’s capabilities are vast. Whether you want to identify discrepancies and investigate differences in your data, quickly bring on board new prices sources and models, or analyse your trading activity by investment strategy, LUSID lets you do it all. And that’s just to start with.

The best way to describe LUSID is a complete investment data platform that brings functionality and services to help you get the most out of your data. Most importantly – it's open. All our documentation, software development kits and APIs are public so you can engage with us in the way that suits you.

What can I do on the Early Access Program?

You can use all of LUSID’s functionality – for example - you can pull data from multiple sources and get a single view of your positions, perform reconciliations, and set up a sandbox trading environment. To find out what else you can do with LUSID, check out our use cases. You’ll also have access to market data during the 90-day evaluation period - the data is fully integrated into a set of demonstration portfolios available when you sign up to LUSID. You can upload your own portfolios and value them using this data.

Who’s the Early Access Program for?

Whether you work at a global investment institution, hedge fund, custodian, small fund or elsewhere in the financial industry, you’ll be able to use LUSID. If you’re technically minded and like code, you can use our APIs, SDKs and Jupyter Notebook. If you’re more familiar with Excel, you can download our LUSID Excel add-in. Or you can simply use our LUSID website.

How do I sign up to the Early Access Program?

Simply head over to and create your account. It really is as easy as that. At this stage we’re limiting the number of EAP participants so we can make sure the whole process runs smoothly. If you’re not in the first tranche, don’t worry, just sign up to the waiting list, reserve your domain name and we’ll contact you as soon as we’re ready to bring you on board.

Do I have to pay for it?

No. We offer a 90-day evaluation account with all of LUSID’s features available for use including access to market data.

How many users are you opening it up for?

We’re starting small to make sure we can get up and running smoothly and that our team of engineers and product specialists are able to handle any queries that may arise. Once we’re happy with how things progress, we’ll open the program to more users.

What happens at the end of the program?

At the end of the 90 days, if you’ve enjoyed using LUSID and would like to continue you can simply sign up to a paid account and keep using all the same functionality and data you already used.

Tell me more!

Head over LUSID and check out our tutorials. These cover everything from how to set up an account, onboard your team and interact with our APIs through to how to get the best out of LUSID. You might also want to check out our documentation on Github including use cases and software development kits in Python, Java, C# and angular.

Most importantly, tell us what you think! Play around, use LUSID as much as you want and let us know your thoughts.







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