Securing your network with WeaveNet

At FINBOURNE we run highly available Kubernetes clusters in multiple availability zones, with about twenty-five M5.2xLarge nodes per cluster. These nodes live within an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and although they are not physically linked, they can communicate. We use WeaveNet as our overlay network to secure our cluster traffic with encryption within a VPC. WeaveNet (Weave or commonly known as weave) gives us confidence that pod traffic is not being intercepted or manipulated between nodes; deploying WeaveNet as a Daemonset means that we can manage configuration in a single place. This configuration is deployed through our CICD systems from a central repository. We maintain the capability to update low-level components without triggering an outage by implementing an immutable infrastructure pattern.

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Andrew N
Asset Management

How an Investment Book of Record should give you control

Last week we held a webcast with The Trade where we did something we think is unusual: we defined an Investment Book of Record (IBOR). Not by what it is - that’s a fairly commonplace categorisation - but by what it does. Or rather, what it should do to be a relevant and productive tool in today’s landscape of systemic margin compression, increasingly exigent regulatory bodies and historic market dislocations.

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Investment Technology

Do you still need an Order Management System?

Often seen as a reliable tool that sits on every trader’s desktop, the Order Management System (OMS) has been a core part of investment operations for years. Yet we regularly talk to buy-side firms who think about retiring their OMS and replacing it with an internally built database or another tool. In this piece we look at how the concept of the OMS became popular, what problems it sought to address, how today’s complex investment environment is testing the capabilities of the OMS and the alternative solutions available.

Investment Technology

How to calculate your true net worth?

This blog post is the fourth in a series in which I integrate all of my personal financial accounts with LUSID - our open, API-first, developer friendly investment data platform - to get a comprehensive picture of my net worth. In this post I will demonstrate the benefit of having integrated financial data from four different sources including:

  1. A Monzo Current Account
  2. A Vanguard ISA account
  3. An AMEX Credit Card
  4. An Australian Pension Fund (*this blog post)
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The year that was: FINBOURNE 2019 year in review

As it comes to the end of the year, we’ve taken a few minutes to look back on on 2019 – what we’ve achieved and where to for Team FINBOURNE next year. None of this would be possible without the support of our awesome employees, clients, partners and investors. A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved, not just in 2019 but for the last three years – what a journey so far.

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