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Learning Rust in Lockdown

The COVID19 lockdown has been a pretty challenging time for everyone. Staying sane without the social interactions we normally have can be difficult. I took the time to learn a new programming language. This served several purposes.

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Securing your network with WeaveNet

At FINBOURNE we run highly available Kubernetes clusters in multiple availability zones, with about twenty-five M5.2xLarge nodes per cluster. These nodes live within an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and although they are not physically linked, they can communicate. We use WeaveNet as our overlay network to secure our cluster traffic with encryption within a VPC. WeaveNet (Weave or commonly known as weave) gives us confidence that pod traffic is not being intercepted or manipulated between nodes; deploying WeaveNet as a Daemonset means that we can manage configuration in a single place. This configuration is deployed through our CICD systems from a central repository. We maintain the capability to update low-level components without triggering an outage by implementing an immutable infrastructure pattern.

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Andrew N
bitemporal data

What is bitemporal data anyway?

Bitemporal data is a fundamental principle in our LUSID platform, yet the term is not very common amongst technologists nor business users. It can be a complex concept to describe, and I've been thinking of a simple example to help illustrate it…

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real time

In Real-time, Every Time

In our last piece, we said we would talk more about “transactions” being the meta-solution to a swathe of investment industry challenges. We hope this post sheds some more light on what we have been working on and how it could make your life as an investment professional easier.

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