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Calculating your net worth: Integrating a Vanguard ISA with LUSID

This blog post is the second in a series in which I integrate each of my personal financial accounts with our investment data platform LUSID to get a comprehensive picture of my net worth. Doing this allows me to aggregate my financial information in one place, perform powerful analysis and get a clearer picture of what I own, and what I owe.

You may recall last time in Calculating your net worth: making the most of Monzo with LUSID we connected my Monzo account to LUSID. In this blog I’m connecting my Vanguard ISA account.

I’m going to use LUSID to show me both my Monzo current account and Vanguard ISA account in one place.

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Investment Technology

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional

Increasingly diversified investment strategies, closure of mutual funds, the rise of passively managed funds and companies racing to consolidate. It’s easy to say the asset management industry is slow to change but when you look at it from the outside, it’s being pummelled by change in all directions.

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Investment Technology

Do you even need an Investment Book of Record?

We’re a data driven company, we rank topics for this blog series using a system of up-/down-voting across all of our teams. One topic that was consistently upvoted was this one: "What is the true value of your IBOR (Investment Book of Record)?" But is that the right question to be asking?

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Steve Cheng
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Three lessons the investment industry can learn from Open Banking

While retail banks have mostly been dragged kicking and screaming into the UK government-backed Open Banking initiative, the fund investment industry should treat it as an opportunity to remove unnecessary cost, connect more closely with their customers and build better services.

Let’s have a look at three distinct lessons we've learned from Open Banking that could be applied to the investment industry.

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Tom H
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EDI first market data provider for LUSID customers

When you decide to implement any new investment management software you need to have access to sources of market data. Before you can even begin evaluating the technology’s core functionality,  you need to source, licence, load and operate market data feeds for security static data, prices and corporate actions. That’s a lot of work before you even start testing and reviewing.

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Steve Cheng

LUSID Early Access Program

We've been in stealth mode for a while busily building LUSID and now we're ready to release our Early Access Program (EAP). Here are all the questions you might have about LUSID and some (hopefully) helpful answers. If there’s anything we haven’t addressed, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer.

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