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What is bitemporal data anyway?

28 February 2018

Bitemporal data is a fundamental principle in our LUSID platform, yet the term is not very common amongst technologists nor business users. It can be a complex concept to describe, and I've been thinking of a simple example to help illustrate it…

Authenticating S3 Proxy

01 March 2017

using nginx and oauth2_proxy to deliver S3 based content (and azure blob store) tl;dr Making oauth2_proxy work with nginx, and redirecting the output was hard. It is possible to have an oauth2 authenticated website that serves static content from Azure Blob Stores, or S3 buckets. S3 static sites AWS S3 buckets allows you to serve up static html as a website

Concourse Metadata Resource

01 March 2017

tl;dr Introducing the metadata resource it's not a long post - go read it. A useful little resource We love Concourse. In the past I've worked a lot with TeamCity, and although it's a fantastic piece of kit, it doesn't fit our CI/CD needs as well as

Azure and our approach to naming things

17 December 2016

Azure currently has some pretty interesting rules and restrictions around how things can be named. At times they seem arbitrary, but none-the-less, it’s what we have to work with. What follows is a copy and paste from our internal wiki, explaining our strategy to naming in Azure. We’ve posted them

Identity Providers

17 December 2016

Identity Providers Having spent the last 15 years cossetted in the big corporate world blissfully unaware of just how complex managing Identity and access control actually is, I can best describe my journey of the last month as enlightening. Emboldened by our mission and with the idea that we were