Interactive virtual workshop: Consolidating disparate data sets to develop investment insight

Wednesday 18 November, 3pm – 4pm GMT

2020 was certainly a year that challenged markets and forced funds into ever more illiquid corners. The illiquid asset markets have long remained opaque and complex with little disruption from new technologies where issues of thin markets are not necessarily accounted for in modelling.

In our workshop, we'll examine the activity that is typically harder/riskier in a thin market and explore some of the common data challenges as you move across the liquidity spectrum. 

You’ll leave the session with insight on:

  • How to gather, assemble and organise your data
  • How to identify and consolidate useful data
  • Data virtualisation and model development
Your workshop hosts:
Gus Sekon

Gus Sekon – Head of Product & Marketing

Gus Sekhon is head of product and marketing at FINBOURNE. He has eight years trading rates and inflation at RBS where he ran the inflation desk. 

Paul Wyatt

Paul Wyatt – Senior Engineer

Paul leads the team constructing FINBOURNE's simulation engine and analytics platform for the evaluation of pricing, risk and other financial scenarios such as CVA and CCAR.

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