Watch 'All Technologists Now: How technology can help you grow to the next level'

FINBOURNE co-founder and CEO Thomas McHugh spoke on an HFM panel with Michael Fastert, COO and CLO, TIG Advisors, and Doron Gutstadt, CTO, Taconic Capital. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How do you get buy-in from founders to invest in technology and people?
  • How does technology move throughout different departments in the firm? How are CTOs developing solutions for trading as well as compliance and operations?
  • How does tech effectively communicate its role throughout the business? Is technology becoming ubiquitous throughout the firm? Is everyone a technologist now?
  • Where are you finding talent today? Is it from other funds, banks, Silicon Valley, grad schemes?
  • How do you create a loyal workforce and culture of learning? How do you retain staff through training, career progression?
  • How can you avoid common technology hurdles when expanding into new asset classes, products and markets?
  • How can you ensure you are open to innovation?



Rec - 3 Sep 2020 15_15 - All technologists now_ How technology can help you grow to the next level