LUSID for Asset Managers

LUSID goes beyond standard Portfolio Management (PMS) and Enterprise Data Management Systems (EDM) by giving you a SaaS based, API-first investment data management system and the tools to interrogate your investments, profit and loss, valuations, and risk programmatically, in the rich web application, and in Microsoft Excel.

LUSID for Operations

Why use LUSID?

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Gain the core portfolio management capabilities required to run your business
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Gain the data management capabilities of an EDM system without the cost and complexity
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Monitor risk across your consolidated investment book in real-time
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Run segregated mirrors of portfolios to account for different closing methods or pricing sources
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Monitor exposures and forecast cash flows with cash ladders
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Access and revalue any portfolio or event using historical data
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Securely share data internally, with service providers, and with investors
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Confidently price and risk across all instruments and asset classes
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Connect to third party data providers with an integrated marketplace or open APIs

How can I use LUSID

LUSID is an API-first, SaaS native investment data management system with an easily extendible data model and the ability to add functionality via a marketplace of providers or via comprehensive software development kits (SDKs).


Manage and analyse all asset classes

Create any asset class based on monetary movements and immediately produce a valuation. You can define simple equities to complex credit derivatives


Consolidate data and reconcile against third parties

Consolidate third party custodial and internal data to perform n-way reconciliation of positions, cash and transactions within an event driven, immutable data store that can reproduce any historical valuation


Reduce the cost and time for implementation

The challenge with traditional EDM systems is that they can be hard to implement and are central to infrastructure. LUSID enables quick onboarding and use of only the functions you need. Use it as a NAV calculator, a recon system, a valuation engine, a risk system, a central investment data store, or all of the above. Only use the pieces that are valuable to you


Recreate any valuations or prior state of your records

Access historic market and positional data along two-time dimensions, business validity (e.g. price date), and system validity (when data entered the system) across an immutable investment data store


Understand firmwide risk

Track consolidated investment book risk changes over time, access states pre and post-amendment and compare to third party records


Create a golden copy of investment data

Layer in market data with fallback rules, set the model and valuation method per instrument and choose the time slice of each you wish to incorporate


Remove the learning curve

Use the tools you know to access and manipulate data in LUSID via a comprehensive Excel plug-in and software development kits (SDKs) with implementation examples. Develop models, P/L sheets, reconciliation dashboards directly in Excel, and be more productive from day one

LUSID integrations

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