LUSID: Technology for Operations Teams

LUSID provides a consolidated source of investment data enabling you to reconcile against third parties, calculate firmwide risk and exposure, plus have a single source of security, pricing, transaction, and investment data in a SaaS native, API-first system.

LUSID for Operations

Why use LUSID?

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Lower the cost of repetitive, manual daily processes such as reconciliation, data mapping and cash management
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Obtain a consolidated view of positions, transactions, and cash. Consolidate data from multiple systems including order and execution management systems
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Perform N-way reconciliation between any combination of internal data sources and third parties
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Share data with clients, investors, custodians, prime brokers and third-party administrators whilst retaining control of your data
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Obtain an enterprise-wide view of risk and exposure in real-time
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Produce customised dashboards and reports including shadow NAVs, position, income, and balance sheet statements
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Connect legacy internal systems and third party data providers including custodians, primes, and admins, to achieve a consolidated view of positions, cash, transactions, and security information
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Replicate data as it was at any point in the past, including or excluding post-dated amendments

How can I use LUSID

LUSID is an API-first, SaaS native investment data management system with the functionality of traditional portfolio management, risk, and valuation systems.


Easily load transaction data from your third party data providers including custodians, primes, and admins, ad-hoc or on a schedule

Interact with your positions, transactions and cash as your third parties see them

Perform rules-based reconciliation between any combination of data sources

Automatically maintain, and report on multiple views of the same portfolio (e.g. internal, custodian, administrator)


Streamline client reporting

Integrate LUSID with other reporting systems to output reports in any format you need: Excel, XML, CSV, PDF etc.

Give your clients, investors, and third parties direct access to their portfolios in LUSID using our APIs.


Quickly onboard new portfolios

Instantly add portfolio static data and portfolio positions using LUSID’s Open APIs directly or via our web app, or Excel plug-in

Offer your clients full visibility into the setup state of their portfolio with granular entitlement and access controls


Easily load transactions from external systems with full control of your data

Extend the data model to track or calculate additional fields on any object like transactions, securities, prices, etc.

LUSID integrations

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