LUSID PMS - our next generation SaaS Portfolio Management System (PMS), combining data management excellence and rich functionality, to drive trading performance, investor and regulatory reporting.

LUSID PMS is a holistic solution that provides the functionality of traditional portfolio management, risk and valuation systems, built on top of our market leading investment data platform LUSID, with integrations to best-in-breed data vendors and systems. LUSID PMS goes beyond standard Portfolio Management Systems by giving fund managers not only the confidence in positions, cash, P&L and exposure, but the tools to drive performance and efficiency in investment operations.


Why choose LUSID PMS

Scale without the cost

Manage complex asset classes, scale assets under management, grow the number of investments and funds, without creating additional operational burden or requiring another specialised system

Monitor risk

Run real-time, customised risk measures, profit-loss, and exposure calculations using definable rulesets that adjust for data source and quality

Reduce cost

Reduce operational costs across your fund; lower the cost of repetitive, manual daily processes such as reconciliation, data mapping and cash management through workflow automation

Computer dataAssistance
Computer dataAssistance

Satisfy investor due diligence

Using timely and reproducible data, demonstrate the value of your fund in your investor's overall portfolio, and the operational resilience required to meet their governance needs.

Eliminate data loss

LUSID is an append only, immutable data store that captures data with dual time stamps. Nothing is lost even when data is deleted

Remove the learning curve

Use the tools you know to access and manipulate data in LUSID via a comprehensive Excel plug-in. Develop models, P/L sheets, reconciliation dashboards, and be more productive from day one

24-hour support

Our ‘follow the sun’ support service model ensures global clients are fully supported without regard to geographic location or current time

Core features of LUSID PMS

Portfolio Management

See your portfolio hierarchy and monitor your positions, P&L, risk and exposure from one portal.

Order Management

Integrate with one or more third-party OMS / EMS systems of your choice and receive support for post-execution lifecycle of a trade.



Access the tools and workflows needed to carry out day-to-day operational processes within the middle and back office.


Stay on top of your accounting with a suite of financial statements including trial balances, P&L statements and cash reports, as well as shadow NAV.

Data management

LUSID leverages the latest technologies and is built on several key design principles with the belief hedge funds should own and control their investment data and choose the services they want to build or buy.

Reporting and tools

LUSID provides multiple methods for querying and extracting data and has several powerful tools for using this data in analytics or producing reports in the format of your choice.



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