LUSID product Roadmap

Here are the latest released updates, what we’re working on and what we’re planning to work on.

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Planned features

Allow LUSID users to define their own custom entity types

We are upgrading our APIs so you can define custom entities to better represent business logic and workflows in LUSID. Custom entities will have client-definable identifiers and properties, can be related to other entities, and will be fully integrated with our entitlements system.

Time series reporting on dashboards

We are introducing the ability to view the time series of columns within dashboards. Simply right click on the column you would like to view the time series of, and specify the reporting schedule.

New wizard to build and configure compliance rules

We are introducing a new wizard to let users build and configure compliance rules via the web application.

Allow changes to sub-holding key categories on portfolios after creation

Allow new sub-holding key categories to be created once portfolios are in existence.

Accept files into LUSID Drive via sFTP

We are enabling daily uploads directly to LUSID Drive via sFTP. This is a backend update that makes your complex sFTP implementations scalable.

Calculation of composite returns

We are introducing a new set of LUSID APIs that will allow you to calculate composite returns from individual portfolio level returns.

New monthly PnL dashboard

We have introduced a new PnL dashboard that will allow you to view a breakdown of the changes to your beginning and ending NAV over a monthly schedule. You can customise the dashboard using our set of predefined PnL metrics.

Further buildout of complex market data stores (curve groups, vol surfaces, cubes) access methods

This release adds user-friendly access methods to build and interrogate complex curves and surfaces.
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