A better way to manage your investment data. For everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions. 


Take control, make more informed decisions and get ahead. With all of your investment data hosted in one place, LUSID removes the complexity, reduces your operating costs and gives you better access to your data.  


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Set up a parallel trading environment

Parallel run system changes on the LUSID platform without the need to create a separate sandbox environment. Share system configurations and data by maintaining a segregate scope.

The needs of your business evolve as it grows. For example, you may need to on-board new asset classes as you launch new funds; operate in new jurisdictions as you expand the business; meet new regulatory / client reporting requirements and react to changing client demands

Your IT infrastructure needs to be flexible (e.g. new systems or data feeds may need to be added). However, what should be simple changes often turn out to be expensive, month / year long projects.

Current Process
Remove the cost and complexity from making changes to your IT infrastructure 

LUSID gives you a secure ‘sandbox’ for parallel testing within the production environment. As LUSID is hosted in AWS it is not compromised by CapEx / capacity constraints. This means you can have confidence in your data fidelity and see the impact of changes without any of the setup costs.

Key Benefits


Save cost and time

Remove the need to setup and maintain test environments.


Recreate the state of your portfolio at any point in time

Reverse or compare changes without fear of losing data fidelity.

LUSID Features

Derived Portfolios

LUSID allows for a portfolio to be composed of another portfolio, which inherits any trades from its parent portfolio. Any changes made to the parent portfolio are automatically reflected in your ‘Derived portfolio’.

Scopes and Entitlements

‘Scopes’ are a logical partitioning of data that can be permissioned via ‘Entitlements’ to different users (i.e. ‘business as usual’ and ‘change’).

Bi-temporal data storage

LUSID stores data at the transaction level with the ‘As at’, ‘Effective from” dates of every event, providing full auditability.


LUSID’s ‘recipes’ allow you to swap the inputs (e.g. data source feeds) used to value the portfolio, making it simple to test new inputs.

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