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Transform the reconciliation game

In an effort to increase transparency, protect customers, and share scale and expertise, most investment firms have outsourced certain functions including Fund Accounting, Custody services, and, Transfer Agency services. However, there is increasing pressure on investment managers to maintain their own internal records to reduce systemic risk and provide checks on Third Party Administrators.


Current Process
improve oversight - pre LUSID
improve oversight - with LUSID
Change the reconciliation game with LUSID

Reconciliation is a fact of life with the existing industry norms of disjointed data management siloes. However, LUSID has been designed by industry practitioners to transform the reconciliation game.

Making use of LUSID's immutable data store, bi-temporal position keeping engine, powerful "point of use" intra-source mapping functionality, scopes and the innovative recipe system you can isolate and remediate the underlying causes of reconciliation breaks: be they missing transactions, timing issues, market data and corporate action mis-matches, pricing errors etc. LUSID has also been designed to support ongoing operation even when reconciliation breaks exist. With our "adjust holdings" functionality investment processing can continue as timing breaks are corrected intra-day.

Key Benefits


Investigate differences quickly

LUSID has a full bi-temporal event history of the portfolios in question, so you can see differences on your event timeline and swap the inputs used to value the portfolio (e.g. data source feeds) making it simple to reconcile one variable at a time.


Make reconciliations easier and more precise

You can make precise comparisons using many of LUSID’s features.

LUSID Features


LUSID lets you load a portfolio from each of your required sources with each going in to their own ‘Scope’. Entitlements over these scopes provide certainty your Fund Accountant isn’t writing in the Custodians copy, for example.


LUSID’s ‘Recipes’ let you swap the inputs (e.g. data source feeds) used to value the portfolio, making it simple to reconcile one variable at a time. Compare all copies of the portfolio using the NAV cut.

Flexible Holdings Calculation

LUSID allows you to define and group transaction codes. E.g. BUY from the fund accounting feed can be compared to BY from the Middle office feed.

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