A better way to manage your investment data. For everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions. 


Take control, make more informed decisions and get ahead. With all of your investment data hosted in one place, LUSID removes the complexity, reduces your operating costs and gives you better access to your data.  


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Transform the time to market for implementation of major new systems

On-boarding a new investment management system can be a daunting experience. Existing solutions take a ‘rip and replace’ approach where years are spent on setting up hardware, aligning data models, integration and configuration and finally implementing and testing. Benefits are limited before the system has been fully migrated.

With LUSID, you can upload a self-contained portfolio or business unit specification on day one and incrementally improve the specification over time. This lets you perfect your mapping gradually, testing as you go.  

How does LUSID work?
How does LUSID work?
Functionality from day one

LUSID is an open platform. If a new provider for the analytics and/or product set you need exists, we can quickly and easily plug it in. In addition, LUSID separates the data modelling of instruments from the analytics of instruments and as such is asset class agnostic. We can ingest and store any instrument dimensionality and provide the required inputs to any third party analytics or pricing engine. 

Key Benefits


Developer friendly

LUSID’s developer-friendly, API-first approach means that in addition to being simple to integrate, it also easy to implement new business processes.


Migrate your systems incrementally

You can migrate complicated interactions to LUSID in a gradual and controlled way (e.g. by business function or by region), reducing the risk of a ‘big-bang’ migration. This allows you to decommission your legacy systems incrementally.



LUSID is cloud hosted and is not compromised by CapEx / capacity constraints.

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