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Take control, make more informed decisions and get ahead. With all of your investment data hosted in one place, LUSID removes the complexity, reduces your operating costs and gives you better access to your data.  


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Manage and analyse all asset class data with our true multi-asset class platform

You need to be able to quickly deploy new asset classes and products as you grow your business. You may:

 - Have hired a new PM who likes to hedge exposure using other products.

 - Need to meet new regulatory requirements around hedging.

 - Have won a new client mandate that requires a new strategy and product.

However, when you ask your outsourced middle office provider to add a transaction in a new asset class, you are frequently told that it isn’t currently supported, and there is a long lead time involved.

LUSID by contrast separates the data modelling of instruments from their analytics and as such is asset class agnostic. LUSID ingests and stores any instrument dimensionality and provides the required inputs to any third party analytics or pricing engine.

Current Process
multi asset platform with LUSID
An open approach

LUSID is an open platform. If a new analytics provider enters the market, we can quickly and easily plug them in. In addition, LUSID separates the data modelling of instruments from the analytics and as such is asset class agnostic. We can ingest and store any instrument dimensionality and provide the required inputs to any third party analytics or pricing engine.

Key Benefits


Make use of the applications, analytics or pricing vendors you want

LUSID’s open approach and growing library of vendor adapters makes it easy to create instruments in the vendor’s format and streamline your product approval process.


Quickly perform independent price verification and model testing

Get a valuation from multiple providers and benchmark between the models available. LUSID can translate your OTC trades to a new provider.

LUSID Features


LUSID’s ‘recipes’ allow you to specify and alter the inputs used to value the portfolio, making it simple to switch between asset level analytics providers for OTC derivatives.

Open Platform

LUSID’s developer-friendly, API-first approach means that in addition to being simple for you to integrate, it is also easy for vendors to plug into our emerging Marketplace.

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