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Get a timely and accurate view of your data across multiple systems

Many investment firms work with a complex patchwork of legacy systems that have been introduced and added to over many years, as a result of expansion, mergers or to support specific business areas or asset classes. Each system has its own data model, frequency of updates and idiosyncrasies, making it challenging to provide an aggregated view of all your investment data. For example, it may not be possible to quickly determine the overall exposure to an issuer.

Current Process
Timely accurate view data - without LUSID
Timely accurate view data with LUSID
Connect both source and downstream systems

LUSID is open and API driven, letting you connect both source and downstream systems. The extensible data model allows for a simple minimal instrument representation, with user-defined properties available to describe complex assets. Integration with legacy systems is therefore easy and quick to do and can be staged in a controlled and gradual fashion. LUSID will then consolidate and synchronise investment data from all sources to get a single repository of information for portfolio, holdings and transactions data.

Key Benefits


Flexible and extensible data model

Existing data, for example security referential data or holdings statements, can be loaded in “as is”. With LUSID, there is no need to change your existing data model.


Reconciliations are easier and more precise

LUSID lets you make precise comparisons using our Scopes, Flexible holdings calculation and Target holdings.

System test

Asset class agnostic

LUSID separates the data modelling of instruments from the analytics of instruments. It only needs a small core set of mandatory fields, and gives you the flexibility to use properties (on portfolio, securities, trades) to fit your use cases.

LUSID Features


LUSID allows for a portfolio to be loaded from each of the required sources with each going to their own partitioned data ‘scope’.

Target holdings

LUSID has the capability to store and use “target holdings” from source systems. This guarantees holdings in LUSID will match the source system, regardless of any data quality or timing issues with the transaction feed.

Flexible holdings calculation

LUSID allows you to define and group transaction codes. For example, ‘BUY’ from one system can be combined with ‘BY’ from another system to represent the same thing in LUSID.

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