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Manage your investment strategies across the entire investment management process

When you run a portfolio as a collection of investment strategies, it's possible that two identical positions may be held in the portfolio for different reasons. For example, both a long and short position could be established in the same stock as part of two separate strategies. The profitability of each strategy needs to be tracked and reported separately. This is operationally challenging as legacy systems and workflows typically do not natively support strategy tracking.

Current Process
investment strategy without LUSID
Manage investment strategy with LUSID
Strategy tagging at the investment level

LUSID has been specifically designed to support strategy tagging at the transaction level, and to retain these tags throughout the investment lifecycle and workflow (e.g. trades, NAVs, non-market actions, strategy P&L etc.).

Key Benefits


Reduce your cost base

With LUSID, there is no need for sub-portfolios or manual processes.


Improve accuracy and auditability

LUSID helps you avoid using average cost for holding in P&L calculations.


Increase your agility

LUSID removes the need to wait for sub-portfolio setup.

LUSID Features

Strategy Tagging

We have built LUSID with strategy tagging in mind, making it easy to aggregate, disaggregate and track separate strategies. LUSID allows for strategy tags to be assigned at the transaction level.

Derived Portfolios

Deriving portfolios from transaction level data on demand means that strategy tags are available throughout the investment lifecycle and workflow – the tags are never lost. Portfolio data can be parsed to external systems at both strategy and portfolio level, making it easy to retain data fidelity and lineage.

Bi-temporal Data Storage

By storing data at the transaction level along with the ‘As at’, ‘Effective’ dates, and the Recipes used to value the portfolio, LUSID can eliminate data timing issues by recreating the state of different source systems for reconciliations.

Automated Corporate Actions

LUSID can ingest any corporate action (e.g. stock splits, dividends, mergers and acquisitions, rights issues, and spin-off etc.), and automatically update relevant holdings within its database - including those assigned to different strategies.

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