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Reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining a product in multiple currencies and share classes

As your fund grows, you may have client demand to: 

 - Make the product available in multiple currencies (currency hedged)

 - Sell to differing market sectors (share classes)

Current systems and platforms need a copy of the fund / portfolio for each currency and share class combination, which need to be maintained and life- cycled together. For example, if you offer the product in three currencies with three share classes, every time a trade is executed you will have nine copies to reconcile.

Current Process
Reduce cost complexity pre LUSID
Reduce cost complexity with LUSID
Remove cost and complexity

LUSID uses derived portfolio functionality in conjunction with portfolios modelled in a hierarchical or tree structure. This means that common transactions are booked into the portfolio at the top of the tree just once. Any additional hedging or economic considerations are automatically dealt with further down the hierarchy.

Key Benefits


Share class modelling

LUSID allows for the share class to be added to the portfolio details and applied at runtime.


In-currency hedging

LUSID allows for a derived portfolio to inherit the parent's trading activity and overlay any hedging activity in the child portfolio.

LUSID Features

Derived Portfolios

LUSID allows for a portfolio to be composed of another portfolio, which inherits any trades from its parent portfolio. Any changes made to the parent portfolio are automatically reflected in your ‘Derived portfolio’.


Scopes’ are a logical partitioning of data that can be permissioned via ‘Entitlements’ to different users (i.e. 'business as usual' and 'change').

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