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Manage access and track usage of market data

Market and reference data are a major input into the investment management process - to identify, value and classify assets. The requirement for additional sources and the volume of market data are both growing concurrently, driven by new products, client requirements and regulatory demands. However, licensing costs for market data can be significant and failure to maintain ongoing compliance with restrictive licensing terms increases both business risk and the total cost of ownership.

Current Process
Manage vendor access - pre LUSID
Manage vendor access - with LUSID
Effectively track, manage and control market and reference data

LUSID is built from first principles and enables the effective tracking, management and control of market and reference data through:

- Immutable storage of data provenance (source) and lineage (transformation), both in permissions and at the point of use.

- Control and tracking of data entitlements at a granular level.

 - Use of recipes to contrast and compare data sources making switching of data vendors practical and cost effective.

Key Benefits


Built-in tracking

Built-in tracking for provenance and lineage through the use of recipes and ex-post through the run-time manifest.


Better data visibility at source

By enforcing system configuration in one location, and transforming and normalising data at the point of use, LUSID provides immutable visibility of how a data item is derived.

LUSID Features

API access

LUSID’s API based access to market data allows data usage to be tracked and measured at the point of use.

Scopes and Entitlements

LUSID can control access to vendor data sources by user, region, portfolio or any other client defined properties, and evidence this to the data owners.

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