Here we have set out our core values. We intend to live by them, allowing them to evolve and to guide our decision making. They are a declaration to our customers and partners about the relationship they can expect.

We instead of I

We appreciate and relish the collective responsibilities of being part of a team; sharing in the glory but also helping when things aren't going to plan. This support extends to our partners, suppliers and investors, anyone who is part of our mission to deliver a great experience to the customer.

Look after yourself

Obviously, we want our company to operate effectively but that must not be at the expense of our colleagues' health, mental or physical. Happy and well-rested team members make a happier and thus more productive team. We expect our team not to treat their well-being as a secondary concern nor neglect the non-work side of their life.

Honesty and transparency, all the time, in every direction

Our team members are honest and understand the need to work transparently. This means never attempting to cover up problems or mistakes, and speaking up when they are struggling. Equally important is for people to challenge each other's assumptions and engage in discussion on points they disagree with. This value extends beyond the borders of our company, and demands that we are honest and transparent with our customers and partners, even if it comes at a cost.


We are as open as we can be with our customers, partners and anyone else. Sharing our methodologies, processes and - if appropriate - software, we hope to help foster trust in a collaborative customer and developer ecosystem. This openness includes our relationships: we have no intention of binding in anyone who no longer wants to use our product or be part of that ecosystem. The burden should be on us to produce great products and culture, not on our customers, partners or staff in being unable to leave.

Our customers and partners are crucial to our long term success

Long term relationships with our customers and partners are more important than any short term opportunity.

Continuous development of everyone, especially ourselves

We all work to learn from and educate the people around us; whether it be a customer sharing their insights, us sharing experience with the community, or our employees teaching each other. Continual development and education helps develop an experienced workforce and community, which in turn fuels innovation.

Drop us a note

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