Unlock the True Power of Your Data

At FINBOURNE, we help global financial services harness new value from data by going beyond traditional data management.

Extract meaningful insights, reduce system complexity and create innovative solutions from your data with FINBOURNE`s Modern Financial Data Stack.

The Modern Financial Data Stack

Solutions For Global Financial Services


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LUSID - Operational Data Store (ODS)

Control and consolidate your financial data to drive growth and reduce operational costs, with LUSID as your Operational Data Store.


Invested in security

FINBOURNE implements financial industry best practice, built on top of AWS world-class physical security.


Our solutions are hosted on AWS which brings flexibility, scalability, performance, resilience and cost benefits.

Trusted by developers

Our developer-friendly, API-first approach means our solutions are simple to integrate and easy to implement.

We’re open

Our goal is to enable our customers to make better investment decisions. We share our methodologies, processes and contribute to open source software.

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Investment Technology

A Brief History Of Enterprise Data Management – Part 1: The Data Deluge

A Brief History Of Enterprise Data Management – Part 1: The Data Deluge

In the first of a two-part blog series, we delve into the history and future of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) in investment management, and how it has been fundamental to the growth of the industry.

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Investment Technology

Charting the Data Maze: Ensuring Quality in a World of Complexity 

Charting the Data Maze: Ensuring Quality in a World of Complexity 

At the recent InvestOps USA event in Orlando, FINBOURNE’s Christopher Farrell and a series of data experts explored the characteristics of a ‘data-first’ mindset, and a culture where data is not just an afterthought but a strategic asset driving decision-making at every level. 

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Investment Technology

Catalyst Cloud – The Route to ROI

Catalyst Cloud – The Route to ROI

For investment firms, the adoption of cloud technology is a vital component to achieving digital transformation goals, offering unparalleled opportunities for cost efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

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"Joining FINBOURNE really excited me from the start - I was thrown straight into meaningful projects and immediately signed up for training courses such as Advanced C#. I still get excited to see what's coming up next and how I'll grow my technology and finance skills even further!"