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FINBOURNE has created an interconnected network of functionality and data that enables the investment community to better serve clients in a constantly evolving market.

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Interconnected data and
investment functionality

Our cloud-native solutions give investment and operations teams the data insight and core functionality they need to drive success across the entire investment lifecycle.

FINBOURNE’s modular, API-first and developer-friendly products and platforms are simple to integrate and implement, either as an augmentation or replacement to current systems.

and Integrations

Our global partnership program forms an ecosystem of industry-leading organisations, providing clients with integrated access to a range of specialist solutions and functionalities.

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LUSIDOperational Data Store (ODS)

Control and consolidate your financial data to drive growth and reduce operational costs with LUSID as your operational Data Source.


Access, control and understand your financial data with LUSID as your IBOR & ABOR, a distributed and controlled book of record for your investment operations.

LUSIDPortfolio Management (PMS)

Drive performance and efficiency in your investment operations with LUSID PMS, our next-generation portfolio management system.

LuminesceData Virtualization

Unlock the power of your data with Luminesce, our specialist data virtualization platform for financial services.

LUSIDOperational Data Store (ODS)
LUSIDPortfolio Management (PMS)
LuminesceData Virtualization


Invested in security

Products and platforms that are built to be secure by design and meet financial industry best practise, including SOC 2 Type II and ISAE 3000 audited status.


Cloud-native solutions hosted on AWS and Azure bring flexibility, scalability, performance, resilience and cost benefits.

Front-to-back, every asset class

Built by financial services experts, clients can manage all aspects of the investment cycle and view their entire portfolio in one place, across public and private markets.

The backbone for impactful AI

Next-generation technology helping our clients combine internal and external, financial and non-financial, data sets, including Large Language Models (LLMs) with an AI Assistant.

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"Joining FINBOURNE really excited me from the start - I was thrown straight into meaningful projects and immediately signed up for training courses such as Advanced C#. I still get excited to see what's coming up next and how I'll grow my technology and finance skills even further!"

Adam avatar

"The greatest asset FINBOURNE has is its people and the teams they are part of. This team-first culture and individual empowerment make it a fantastic place to work and develop regardless of seniority. After all, success is best when it's shared!"

Elmor avatar

"What I love about working in FINBOURNE is the creative freedom that I am given and also that everyone is encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions. There is a sense of fellowship and great teamwork in the company that shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially in the Fintech industry."

David avatar

"FINBOURNE has enabled me to learn and develop my technical skills rapidly through varied projects and opportunities I never expected to have so early in my career, such as being trusted to work on major client engagements from day one."

Sarra - Engineer
Adam - Sales
Elmor - Design
David - Business Applications
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