We’re FINBOURNE and we build tools like LUSID and Luminesce that power investment data processes for everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions.



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LUSID - the open, API-first, developer friendly investment data platform.

LUSID is a better way to manage your investment data. For everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions.


Invested in security

FINBOURNE implements financial industry best practice, built on top of AWS world-class physical security.


Our solutions are hosted on AWS which brings flexibility, scalability, performance, resilience and cost benefits.

Trusted by developers

Our developer-friendly, API-first approach means our solutions are simple to integrate and easy to implement.

We’re open

Our goal is to enable our customers to make better investment decisions. We share our methodologies, processes and contribute to open source software.


At FINBOURNE, we set out our five values right at the start and we regularly revisit them to guide our decision making as we grow, and shape our relationships with customers, partners, investors and our team.


We are open

We’re building an open platform to enable our customers to make better investment decisions. We’re open because we share our methodologies, processes and contribute to open source software.


We instead of I

We appreciate and relish the collective responsibilities of being part of a team; sharing in the glory but also helping when things aren’t going to plan. This support extends to our partners, suppliers and investors, anyone who is part of our mission to deliver a great customer experience.


We’re honest and transparent

We work openly and transparently. This means we never attempt to cover up problems or mistakes, and we speak up when we are struggling. Equally important is for people to challenge assumptions and engage in discussion on points we disagree with. One way we do this is in our weekly forums on everything from culture and people to finance and product.


We look after ourselves

Happy and well-rested team members make a happier and more productive team. We expect and encourage our team to focus on their mental and physical well being and not to neglect the non-work side of their life. We’re very proud of the mature and accommodating approach we have to our team’s work life balance and we’re committed to creating a great working environment in which everyone thrives.


We’re continually developing

We all work to learn from and educate the people around us; whether it be sharing insights with the wider market in our FINBOURNE Product Council, or our employees teaching each other new skills. We firmly believe that continual development and education helps develop an experienced workforce and community, which in turn fuels innovation.

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Alex - Engineer

"I think what I like best about Finbourne is that everything is set up to work. I think the reason for that is, every process, whether it’s an automated process (i.e. software) or any other business process, has a procedure for making changes to it, and in general anybody at Finbourne can initiate that procedure, whether it be a pull request or a proposal or what have you."

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TSAM 2021 Live Recap: Grasping the Nettle – Tackling the Data Sting

Thomas McHugh, CEO & Co-Founder, FINBOURNE Technology presented the keynote address at the TSAM Europe 2021, speaking about the ever increasing data complexity facing modern asset managers, and how a ‘Rosetta Stone’for data could be the way forward.

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