At FINBOURNE® Technology, we have one central ambition: to liberate the financial community from the limitations of their data systems and equip them to build a simple, more informed future.


We are a technology firm. We are very familiar with the constraints and limitations of the legacy platforms our clients use. We, and many in the financial industry have often said that someone needs to start clean, and use cutting edge technology to create a streamlined single platform. This is exactly what we are doing. The result is usability, simplicity and cost-saving for our customers.


We give our customers straightforward choice of access to the best available information and tools that they need to run their businesses. We collaborate with clients and partners as we create new technology and are doing just that to bring to life our transformative product: LUSID® - for asset managers from very large to very small.



LUSID is an open, cloud-based investment data platform for everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions.  Click here for more about LUSID.


FINBOURNE Technology is a developer of advanced financial software creating data systems to enhance the availability and utility of information, simplify user access and reduce operating and capital costs.

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