EDI first market data provider for LUSID customers


EDI first market data provider for LUSID customers

Gus Sekhon

Gus Sekhon


When you decide to implement any new investment management software you need to have access to sources of market data. Before you can even begin evaluating the technology’s core functionality,  you need to source, licence, load and operate market data feeds for security static data, prices and corporate actions. That’s a lot of work before you even start testing and reviewing.

We’re changing the model. When you sign up for a 90 day evaluation account with LUSID, access to Exchange Data International (EDI) market data is included. EDI provides comprehensive coverage of security reference data, daily closing pricing prices and corporate actions for global equities and exchange traded fixed income securities.

EDI’s data is fully integrated into the demonstration portfolios available when you sign up to LUSID. In addition you can upload your own portfolios and value them using EDI data. At the end of your 90 day trial you will have the option to subscribe to EDI data through LUSID as a cost effective market data solution.

To register for our Early Access Program which gives you access to a 90 day evaluation account,  head over to LUSID and set up your account in minutes.

For more information about EDI, please visit https://www.exchange-data.com/ 


Gus Sekhon



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