FINBOURNE integrates with FlexNOW delivering deep integration without complex implementation


FINBOURNE integrates with FlexNOW delivering deep integration without complex implementation

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London,  July 27, 2021 – FlexTrade Systems (@FlexTrade), a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, and FINBOURNE, the award winning financial technology firm, announce a collaboration to integrate FlexNOW – FlexTrade’s one-click install EMS – with FINBOURNE’s LUSID which is a cloud native, API first Portfolio Management System (PMS) and Investment Data Management System (IDMS).

Servicing the entirety of the buy side, clients using LUSID with the FlexNOW integration will have the front to back power and flexibility to execute and manage complex multi asset strategies on a global scale. The integration will empower clients with best execution even in the most challenging markets while ensuring they can manage their positions and risk on a real time basis.

Thomas McHugh, co-founder and CEO of FINBOURNE said:  

“FINBOURNE is changing the way the industry manages and interacts with its data, democratising the investment management processes and reducing complexity. A combination of client demand and complimentary functionality makes the connectivity with FlexNOW compelling – clients can now benefit from best of breed solutions across the trade lifecycle. We are always looking to bring innovative solutions seamlessly to our clients and we believe FlexNOW is a great addition to the platform.”

Adi Prnjavorac, General Manager – FlexNOW at FlexTrade Systems said:

“We are extremely excited to continue delivering innovative and customer-focused product and solutions together with our partners. Our new partnership with FINBOURNE will give our FlexNOW-FINBOURNE future clients access to powerful PMS and EMS capabilities. The combination of the two products is uniquely positioned to address complex and time-consuming workflows.”

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About FlexTrade Systems:

FlexTrade Systems is a global leader in high performance multi-asset execution management and order management systems for equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, and options. A pioneer in the field, FlexTrade is internationally recognized for introducing FlexTRADER®, the world’s first broker-neutral, execution management trading system, which allows clients to completely control and customize their execution workflows through a comprehensive ability to search/access liquidity while maintaining the confidentiality of their trading strategies.


FINBOURNE Technology build tools like LUSID that power investment data processes for everyone across the investment industry – from hedge funds to global investment institutions. We founded FINBOURNE Technology in December 2016 with the mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency for everyone. FINBOURNE aims to create a foundation technology which will sit at the heart of the world’s investment industry and be delivered ‘as a service’, providing a common infrastructure for the investment community. To do this, we are adopting an API first, opensource approach that benefits the entire community, by sharing common workflow and removing integration costs.

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