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Software Developer Graduate Scheme

FINBOURNE Technology recruits all year round for graduates to join our team and become an integral part of a fast-growing dynamic business.

We view our graduate Software Developers as the future of FINBOURNE, which is why we take the time to invest in their professional development through bespoke training and mentoring from some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. We also provide the opportunity for graduates to rotate across our Engineering teams so that you get an unparalleled start to your career. From day one you will have hands-on experience with the development and building out of our core products such as LUSID and Luminesce.

What does the FINBOURNE Graduate Scheme involve?

The FINBOURNE Software Developer Graduate Scheme is designed to give recent graduates the perfect foundation for a successful career in software development. During your time with FINBOURNE we offer the opportunity to rotate across all our teams to broaden your knowledge and skills.

As part of the recruitment process, you will be assigned to one of our eight Engineering teams based on your current skills set. Once you have been onboarded into the business and made an impact in your team you will have the opportunity to rotate into another team based on your interests.

Our Engineering teams


The Platform Engineering Team is responsible for the proprietary data-storage and event-sourcing technologies which underpin many of LUSID's features. These foundation components are heavily utilised by our feature development teams so it is essential they are highly-available, scalable, and easy-to-use. The team are specialised in large-scale distributed systems, databases, and performance tuning.


FINBOURNE's DevOps team manage our global cloud infrastructure and monitor the health and performance of the LUSID platform. They maintain our AWS estate, and operate multiple globally-distributed Kubernetes clusters on which our application runs. The team invest heavily in automation to allow us to operate a large, complex technology deployment with a small specialist team.

They are also responsible for our continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline, which allows our development teams to rapidly and safely release software to production, typically between 5 and 10 times each day.


Security at FINBOURNE covers a wide variety of challenges and work – ranging from developing security control systems, securing the environment we work in, fostering a security conscious team culture, threat analysis, helping solve customer security challenges as well as using the latest tools and techniques to secure our platform and business. Modern security practices require constant vigilance and evolution to identify areas of potential threat, so we're always looking for new ways to deploy our technology, people and processes to help FINBOURNE best protect our customers.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Key to all our products the IAM team is responsible for those functions that allow the user to securely interact with our features. The IAM team is building highly performant and secure systems that allow our global customer-base to flexibly control who has access to their data, while at the same time being easy to setup, simple to incorporate for our developers, and transparent to the end user. As a fast-growing platform, the IAM team's code is involved in every interaction that customers make, and the emitted telemetry is a vital part of our understanding of how our customers use our software.

Business Applications

The Business Applications teams are responsible for the design, build and support of the LUSID platform's industry leading IBOR, Valuation and Entity Relationship capabilities. Developers in Business Applications come from a variety of backgrounds, including buy- and sell-side financial services together with other (non-financial services) backgrounds. A role in this area includes direct exposure to our clients, who range from start-up hedge funds to multi-national financial services providers, throughout the whole software development lifecycle.

Client Technology

The Client Technology team at FINBOURNE are responsible for building our external tools and SDKs, along with fostering a developer community within our userbase. We work openly on GitHub and contribute to a number of open source projects across multiple languages and projects. The team are also responsible for building out integrations with our partners to expand LUSID's functionality.

Client Delivery

The Client Delivery team brings together engineering and implementation expertise, working directly with our prospects and clients to help them to understand our products and get the most value from them. Our engineers are involved with prospective clients during the sales process, helping to design efficient system architectures tailored to our clients' business problems. They also run on-going client engagements, managing projects and delivering solutions to our wide range of institutional clients.

Business Applications Research

The Business Applications Research team builds our platform for AI/ML that will push the boundaries of what's possible in the future. They are building our instrument translation models, our framework for analysing costs, our models to enable our clients to run derivative pricing and risk and our engine for a general financial scripting language.

Web Development

The Web team are responsible for enhancing, supporting and maintaining both our flagship application ( and our corporate website ( as well as collaborating with our services team and web designers to improve the user experience, ensuring the responsiveness of our applications.

To achieve this, we work closely with the Product team to research and prioritise functionality that user's need and to ensure that it fits in with the long term aims of our applications. We use a variety of front-end technologies across the different websites including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and React, as well as C# for website specific back-end code – our graduate web developers have the chance to develop full stack capabilities!


The Luminesce Team is responsible for building and designing FINBOURNE's Data Virtualisation system (Luminesce), providing a, SQL based, single query and access point to all data across a client's ecosystem. The team's responsibilities include core platform development, provider/connector creation, new function development, syntax translations, DBC drivers and creating tools for data science use cases. The Luminesce team collaborate with teams across the company as we aim to have functional parity with the Web UI and the APIs/SDKs. Developers in the Luminesce team come from a variety of backgrounds including both sell and buy side financial institutes in addition to non-financial services backgrounds.

What does the recruitment process involve?


Submit your CV on our Careers page


Complete an online Technical Test


Undertake a 1st Round Interview with two of our Engineers


Undertake a 2nd Round Interview with two of our Tech Team Leads


Recieve an offer

What skills, experience and qualifications do I need to apply?

We are looking for up-and-coming software developers who want to work for a fast-paced and high-growth company where they can make a real impact.

The most important qualities we look for are a hunger to learn, passion for quality and a willingness to collaborate, teach and learn from colleagues.

You will have completed or be in your final year of studying for a STEM degree.

You will also ideally have programming experience whether that's work experience, additional training programmes or a personal project.

As important as your technical skills are, we are also looking for candidates who display effective communication skills and who feel comfortable working in an informal, agile environment. We want people to join who are genuinely excited about our technology and have the capability and willingness to grow and learn from their colleagues.

How we will support you?

Learn from the best in the industry: You will be joining our existing graduates and working alongside highly experienced developers who will provide in-depth training for you on the job. These are people who have spent their careers at some of the most prestigious financial technology institutions and are eager to pass on their experience.

Building your financial knowledge: During your first month with us, you will attend sessions on finance and related technology such as “Introduction to Investments and Asset Management” and “Functional programming style at FINBOURNE” given by our industry experts.

Development Plans: During your first three months with us, you and your manager will form a development plan to document your training and induction so that you have clear objectives and are provided with support in areas that you require it the most.

Regular Training: We run weekly sessions such as “Code Craft” (discussion of our engineering principles) and the “Finance Q&A” (past sessions have included “Inflation instruments and trading” and “Indexes, exchange traded funds, and benchmarks”). Anyone is welcome to join or present and it is a great opportunity for non-Finance focused employees to learn more about the industry.

Regular Feedback: You will have regular 1-1 meetings with your manager and receive regular feedback from them.

Buddy: You will be assigned a buddy who will work closely with you to help learn the skills required to develop the highest quality software, because you will be soon working on important parts of our system.

Team Meetings: Regular morning “stand up” meetings with your team will allow you to quickly understand what your colleagues are working on, to share your accomplishments and if needed, to request help. You are welcome to join stand ups in other teams to understand what they are working on.

Company Meetings: Monthly company-wide meetings where you will receive regular updates and insight into our business strategy. This also gives employees the opportunity to ask questions.

Sharing of knowledge: Everyone at the business is happy to answer any questions you have, and to help you really understand the answer.

Why work for us?

This is a unique opportunity to join a growing FinTech firm which has large ambitions and considers its employees central to its success. As well a commitment to your professional development, we offer the following benefits:

Competitive Salary: £40,000 per year

Equipment: We supply all our graduates with brand new laptops tailored to their job role.

Holiday: 25 days holiday plus bank holidays

Performance related pay: Financial rewards which can include a direct route to a financial stake in the company via our discretionary Stock Options scheme

Flexible and remote working: We have a mature attitude towards flexible and remote working. Whether you're a night owl, morning person, parent, carer or simply need flexibility to work a different pattern to the norm, we're committed to helping you be productive and work in a way that is best for you.

Learning and training: We run regular internal training sessions on a wide variety of topics as well as a Mentoring Programme to help you develop new skills from experts within the business. We also offer a free Udemy license to all employees to help develop your coding skills.

Regular company-wide socials: Before lockdown last year, team and company-wide socials happened regularly. These ranged from bowling trips, visits to the science museum, company-wide breakfasts and ski holidays. We hope to resume all of that shortly! Since lockdown we have continued to run social events including online gaming tournaments, quizzes and weekly one to one virtual catch-ups to keep everyone connected!

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave: Paid maternity, paternity and adoption leave, which includes 13 weeks full pay for maternity and adoption leave and 6 weeks full pay for paternity leave

Cycle to work scheme: Buy a bike and cycling accessories out of your pre-tax salary and spread the cost over 12 months.

At FINBOURNE Technology we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. If you like the idea of working in a supportive environment surrounded by intelligent and fascinating people, mixing in with both experienced and blossoming minds, and being in a team that cares about its cause, then we're a good fit. An enduring focus on quality, excellent communication skills and a willingness to take the time to collaborate with, teach and learn from colleagues are key to our company culture.

Right to Work

Unfortunately we are unable to offer visa sponsorship for our graduate positions at the moment and require that candidates have the right to work in the UK.

For more information on what we do visit the About page on our website.

How to apply

Please click here to be taken to our vacancy page where you can submit your application.