Enterprise Data Management

Drive business efficiency and make decisions faster

Our cloud-native, API-first Enterprise Data Management technology enables you to build a solid data foundation that empowers all your investment management workflows.

EDM+, our market leading, next generation platform makes sense of your data, turning it into information for front, middle and back-office teams.

Enterprise Data Management
Attain superior data quality

Consolidate and transform data across multiple sources to deliver a consistent, actionable data foundation.

Enhance operational efficiency

Transition from manual to automated tasks, and liberate investment operations teams to support key processes.

Achieve a total fund view

See, manage and report on all private and public portfolio holdings in a single place.

Drive business efficiency with FINBOURNE’s Enterprise Data Management

Ensure accuracy through comprehensive quality control


Data quality

A set of reference data quality rules to configure custom rules to trigger notifications that allow an operations team to manage exceptions and support root cause analysis.

Extensible data model

Capability for data fields to be added to, removed from, or changed without an effect on the underlying data model.

Bitemporal data

Capability to present the latest data to users and applications, whilst retaining comprehensive records for roll-backs and audits.


Customise data attributes and maintain the data's context


Transaction type configuration

Ability to configure each trade type separately, preserving the unique data attributes from each counterparty system.

Validation rules

Capability to create and maintain calculations and derivations. Calculations include basic operators such as first-of, min, max and average on related to transactions or instruments.


Business metadata and Operational metadata are stored natively with LUSID.


Accelerate the data mastering process


Instrument Master

Maintain a single Instrument Master from multiple sources across all listed and non-listed asset classes; leverage inbuilt data quality workflow capability and enrichment via the extensible model.

Fund/Portfolio Master

Maintain a single Fund/Portfolio Master from multiple across all product related data.

IBOR Data Master

Maintain a single IBOR Data Master across Positions & Transactions; providing accurate balances & positions for financial totals with inbuilt lineage.

Discover how we empower investment data processes and drive operational growth for emerging hedge funds to established global institutions
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Why choose FINBOURNE?

Check IconUsed by the world’s largest institutions

Some of the world's largest asset servicers, including Northern Trust and HSBC, trust FINBOURNE to provide the mission-critical technology that underpins their operations.

Check IconNext-level security

Security is at the heart of everything we do. FINBOURNE deploys the latest controls and procedures to protect your organization from bad actors, be they internal or external.

Check IconTruly front to back

A highly extendible and configurable model offers native and automated support across a multitude of instruments, from OTC Derivatives to public and private markets.

Check IconManage every asset class

Access your entire portfolio in one centralised location, spanning both public and private markets. This eliminates the need for multiple systems and manual workarounds.

Check IconFast to deliver value

Benefit from plug-and-play functionality that comprehends financial concepts, eliminating the necessity for costly and time-consuming configuration.

Check IconAugment or replace

Utilise FINBOURNE’s modular and highly adaptable technology to enhance your current capabilities or completely replace them altogether.


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Want to learn more?

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