Terms & Policies

Sub-Processor List

Effective: 11 August 2020

We at FINBOURNE are driven by our company values to be open and transparent all the time and in every direction. This document is a list of our sub-processors that we use to support us in providing you a world class customer experience on LUSID.

Entity Service
Okta, Inc. Identity Provider
HubSpot Inc. CRM and CMS
Microsoft Corp. CRM and document storage
Chargebee Inc. Billing operations

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If you are currently a FINBOURNE customer with a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place and want to receive notifications before we authorise any new sub-processors which we use to process personal data to support LUSID, you can sign up to receive email notifications.

To subscribe to receive email notifications for changes to FINBOURNE’s please send us an email to [info@finbourne.com] and include the following information:

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  3. Customer-FINBOURNE Data Processing Agreement (DPA), executed copy

To change your email address, please send a new request to [info@finbourne.com] with “Contact Information Change” in the subject of the email.