Luminesce - Data Virtualization

Unlock the potential of your data with our specialist data virtualization platform for financial services.

Bring new data sources online and access them within minutes. Fetch data from source systems in real-time without it being replicated, so you have full confidence about its fidelity.

Luminesce - Data Virtualization
Data virtualization

What is data virtualization?

Data virtualization is a method of data delivery which enables users to retrieve, join and manipulate data from across your organisation’s disparate systems in real-time...

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React to important questions that individual systems were never designed to answer.

Explore, query, fetch and combine data from multiple sources and systems into an integrated view for interrogation.

Connect to any data source

A centralised point of access to all financial data, eliminating the cost and the need to store and replicate data, empowering users to query and derive actionable insights in real-time.

Combine any type of data

Rapidly onboard new data from internal and external sources, and view it through your BI tool of choice.

Query data in real-time

Our SQL query engine allows you to join, aggregate, manipulate or filter data. Access this capability via our web UI, python package, API/SDK or 3rd party reporting tools.

Luminesce Data

Real-time delivery of insights

Inbuilt data science framework supports sophisticated data analytics.

Role-based data access management and governance

Inbuilt role-based identity and access control services govern data access across your organisation.


Why choose Luminesce?


Speed and agility of querying across data sources

Not all data sits nicely in one repository, or even in one kind of repository. In some institutions users may need to use dozens of systems to get answers to their questions. Luminesce lets you quickly onboard new data sources and expose them to our query engine for interrogation.


Go beyond data lakes

When deriving insights from data, there is always a challenge ensuring it is accurate and up to date. Creating “data lakes” by building processes to collate data from multiple sources makes it hard to determine lineage and find errors. Luminesce avoids these issues by fetching data from underlying source systems on demand in real-time.


Governance and auditability of data access

The investment management industry is highly regulated. Sensitive data should be restricted so that only personnel with the right privileges or in the appropriate jurisdiction can access it. Luminesce uses FINBOURNE’s state of the art role-based identity access management system to control and track data access.

Built for Financial Services

Speed and agility of querying across data sources

Luminesce is fully integrated with LUSID, our world-class data management platform, facilitating financial validation of all queried data above and beyond industry agnostic data virtualization platforms.

Got questions? We have answers.

How can I access Luminesce?
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Luminesce can be access in a variety of ways to best suit your use case including; Web APP (with inbuilt query editor and catalogue tree), Jupyter Notebooks, LumiPy (Python library), Generic ODBC/JDBC drivers and CLI.
Where is Luminesce hosted?
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Luminesce is a cloud-first platform hosted securely on AWS. It benefits from AWS' world-class physical security in addition to our own comprehensive security practices.
What is a Provider?
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A provider is a component that enables you to write a Luminesce SQL query for a data source in situ, without first having to extract, transform or load data from that source. Providers can also perform calculations, such as what-if-simulations by calling a risk system, or actions, such as sending emails or slack notifications from within the SQL query.Luminesce supports an extensive range of out of the box providers.
How does a provider differentiate from a view?
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A view is a user generated ‘provider’ which can be used to obfuscate a complex query. Views can be accessed and called in the same way as a provider. Views are typically used to provide a simple and business-friendly front end/user-experience for highly complex queries which may be performing a multi-step query with a wide variety of providers and tools.
Can I save queries?
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Luminesce queries can be saved within the Web UI and can be accessed via the Saved Queries functionality.
Can I schedule queries?
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Luminesce queries can be scheduled using FINBOURNE's scheduler and can be set to run on a Time based (Cron) or File based trigger.
What flavour of SQL does Luminesce use?
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Luminesce uses a dialect of SQL based on SQLite with a set of extensions and an extensive list of custom statistical functions. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles for further details:
Can I use python to connect to Luminesce?
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Luminesce can be queried using LumiPy, a python library designed to aid in using Luminesce as part of your data science ecosystem. Data is returned in panda data frames for ease of use and supports interactive data exploration. LumiPy can be downloaded from PyPI.
How do I run Luminesce queries in Notebooks?
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FINBOURNE supports built in Jupyter notebooks which can be used to run Luminesce queries either directly using the magic command %%luminesce or via LumiPy.
How do I manage my entitlements across data sources?
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Luminesce utilises FINBOURNE's comprehensive IAM system. Providers and Views can be entitled, and underlying data entitlements are respected where applicable.
Where can I find out more?
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Luminesce has extensive documentation available at the following link:


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