LUSID®  is an advanced investment management platform that delivers superior technology, with more choice, for a far lower cost.
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LUSID is an advanced investment management platform. It is open, scalable and utility based – this is a long awaited and significant departure from current ‘closed’ investment technology models. We will not tie users in to a fixed vendor data model; instead, they can build their workflow with partner vendors or in-house solutions. LUSID will deliver superior technology, with more choice, for a far lower cost.

Instead of everyone building the same, non-differentiating data extract, transform and load (ETL) functions and system integrations – we build them once.

  • One single source of truth for your portfolio - in real time.
  • Easy to integrate: portfolio data is hosted once and can be simply integrated with in-house tools (even spreadsheets).
  • A community of partner vendors integrates with LUSID directly, so clients benefit from the network and avoid integration costs.
  • No waste of tech budget on non-differentiating technology.
  • Re-create exactly the portfolio, market and pricing data used for any event.
  • Eliminate costly and disruptive upgrades.
  • Telemetry on every use of every part of the platform: complete cost transparency.
  • Granular transaction tags which persist along the trade workflow.
  • Point the same portfolio at different pricing libraries in the same environment.
  • A secure landing place in the cloud for your investment data.
LUSID has powerful backend integrations:
LUSID frees asset managers to focus on their core competence and makes feasible for the first time investor access to portfolios and analytic tools.

LUSID is neither compromised by capital nor capacity constraints nor by legacy problems of system incompatibility. It has continuously updated analytic tools, market data and security protocols. It is robust, globally scalable and moves digital worries from your shoulders to ours.
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Security protocols used by LUSID are comprehensive and state of the art – more robust than most of our clients can afford to maintain.

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LUSID offers a unified solution to multiple challenges from customers: a golden view of all your data. A unified single technology solution for investment needs, an interface to connect and leverage best-in-class providers and a unified view of data usage by your company and employees.

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Investment Data-machine

An advanced real-time source of your current position for all systems and functions, with a history of every transaction or data change and their immediate effect on your holdings.

Data layering enables portfolio runs and comparisons that include/exclude trades, modify configuration or vary classifications. LUSID stores and permissions data in the way that is logical for your business. You can run a portfolio from multiple points of view, from fund manager to accountant to CEO. Investment scenarios can be run and portfolio effects compared.

LUSID’s active monitoring looks for issues in your data before they become problems.

An ‘API first’ and open approach allows our customers to integrate LUSID to suit their business needs and encourage innovation from a community of third party developers.
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Pricing Principles
Direct costs related only to use are built into our business model. With collaborating clients, we expect to halve their digital infrastructure costs. Our business model works to your advantage. Server capital costs can be in the past.

Overhead reductions can follow your LUSID adoption – in personnel and space.

Your digital capacity and operational costs become fully scalable at a stroke benefiting your company whether very large or very small, or as market conditions vary.

LUSID by FINBOURNE frees fund and asset managers to excel in their core competence. A liberation which has taken 30 years to arrive.

LUSID Practically
LUSID is a technology system, hosted in AWS, around which you can build your company. The core of LUSID is an investment data store that secures a full history of every transaction and adjustment your company makes, as well as providing powerful interrogation capabilities.

Around this core of data, LUSID provides a rich ecosystem of investment technology based on our standardised APIs and built by best-in-class vendors. This partnership means that your data exists securely in one place that you control, where turning on new data feeds or functionality is no longer a technology-limited decision. Hosted in the cloud and secured to financial industry standards, LUSID scales to your needs and provides fine-grained billing to help you to manage costs.
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