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LUSID - the cloud-native SaaS Investment Data Management System. Own and control your investment data to drive growth, increase control and reduce operational costs.

LUSID is an API first, SaaS native Investment Data Management System (IDMS): a consolidated book of record that ingests, calculates, extends, and distributes your investment data throughout your entire organisation and your investors, clients, and third parties.

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LUSID Is built for your business


Conduct n-way reconciliations, seamlessly gather data from multiple sources and easily reconcile any source against another for any point in time

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Enable your team to deliver better value across the business with a platform built with a SaaS native model, Open APIs with SDKs and examples, and a developer and data scientist community at its core

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Front Office

Calculate an enterprise-wide view of risk in real-time, conduct on the fly position derivation and backtest ideas using historical valuations

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Hedge Funds

Deliver core portfolio and data management functionality to gain critical insights, facilitate AUM growth and meet investment due diligence, via a cost-effective and scalable foundation.

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Asset Managers

Lower the cost of investing, increase transparency and future-proof your infrastructure with comprehensive IBOR and ABOR functionality.

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Asset Servicers

Enhance your client service offering with our SaaS and cloud-native solutions. We help you move away from fragmented, architecture, towards investment data transparency and automation for you and your clients.

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LUSID: The new benchmark for accessing, controlling and understanding your investment data

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Why use LUSID?

Consolidate and utilise firmwide investment data

Generate consolidated real-time positions, exposures, and NAV or return historical valuations from any point in time. LUSID lets you quickly retrieve consolidated positions, transactions, and cash from any instant including or excluding post-dated corrections. Originally published valuations can always be reproduced even if corrections have been made post-publication

Reduce the time to implement a new system

Our partnership approach means we work with you to solve your investment data challenges. You also have access to an active open source developer community all creating solutions to modern investment data challenges

Share data securely between clients, service suppliers and internal departments

Use our comprehensive entitlements engine to granularly permission investment data for use inside and outside your organisation. You no longer need to send data away in files, lose control or make multiple copies

Flexible reporting for regulators and end clients

Stay on top of regulatory reporting deadlines and enhance your client service with comprehensive reporting tools

What can LUSID do for me?

Always start the day with a consolidated source of positions, transactions, and cash.

Whether you work in trading, operations or technology, a consolidated view of reconciled positions and cash makes everyone`s lives easier. LUSID reduces the time you spend consolidating data, performing reconciliations and combing through inaccurate data, and instead lets you automate the process to flag breaks

Holdings reconcilliation
Master view

Get a golden master view of your investment data

With a single view of all your investment data you can confidently produce on-the-fly position derivation, create custom risk and valuation models, and quickly make accurate insights.

Manage and analyse all of your asset classes in one place

Define and input any asset class based on monetary movements and immediately get an accurate valuation letting you improve your control around pricing, reporting and compliance monitoring

asset classes

Got questions?
We have answers.

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How do I create an account?

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You can create a secure trial account in minutes to test LUSID's functionality. You can securely input your own data or use our sample data. LUSID is free for 30 days (including all features, functionality and access to EDI and TraderMade market data). This lets you test and evaluate LUSID at no cost - without the need to source, licence, load and operate data feeds for security static data, prices and corporate actions. Visit

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How can I access LUSID?

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You can access LUSID in the way that best suits you via our website, secure Excel add-in or directly via our APIs.

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Where is LUSID hosted?

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LUSID is a cloud-first platform hosted securely on AWS. It benefits from AWS' world-class physical security in addition to our own comprehensive security practices. Read more about our approach to security.

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Does LUSID replace my Portfolio Management System?

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LUSID contains the core functionality required to run your business and be your portfolio management system. LUSID can also augment missing functionality with legacy portfolio management systems such as efficient data consolidation, advanced risk metrics, and API-based connectivity.

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How is LUSID different to a data lake?

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LUSID shares some common traits - e.g. our flexible data model allows you to store any data via properties, even if you don't have an immediate use for it. However, LUSID avoids some of the issues with Data Lakes becoming Data Swamps by having a loose structure to the data, e.g. how quotes are stored, which makes it easier to search and use the data.

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What is your data model?

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LUSID has an extensible data model which means we don't have a strictly defined data model. This lets you define the custom attributes which are important to you and your business.

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