A better way to manage your investment data. For everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions. 


Take control, make more informed decisions and get ahead. With all of your investment data hosted in one place, LUSID removes the complexity, reduces your operating costs and gives you better access to your data.  


What is LUSID?

LUSID is a complete investment data platform that powers multi-asset, multi-sector, multi-geography strategies. It brings unrivalled functionality and services to help you get the most out of your data.  Harness LUSID’s open community, API-first approach and investment platform to create a world class operational model for all your middle and back-office functions 




How can I use LUSID?



Focus on investments, not technology

Let LUSID transform your non-value adding operations.

  • Integrate transaction and holding data from multiple sources 
  • Ingest any corporate actions and automatically update relevant holdings 
  • Make reconciliations easier and more precise, and quickly investigate discrepancies 

Reduce the cost of change

LUSID allows you to adapt to change without the hefty setup costs.

  • LUSID’s open approach and growing library of suppliers makes it easy to change your IT infrastructure 
  • Safely test changes in a 'sandbox' in parallel to your live portfolio, without the need to setup and maintain test environments 
  • Swap the inputs (e.g. data source feeds) used to value your portfolio on-the-fly 
LUSID - reduce cost

Grow faster

LUSID grows and scales with your business' evolving needs. 

  • Trade new assets and sell new products quickly and safely by using our applications, analytics or pricing vendors
  • Easily onboard new mandates, integrate new data and satisfy new reporting requirements 
LUSID growth

Control your data

With LUSID you can cut and view your investment data the way you want it 

  • Go back in time and look at precisely what happened to your portfolio and when 
  • Aggregate, disaggregate and track separate investment strategies 
  • Track, manage and monitor how you use vendor market and reference data 
  • Permission users internally and externally to see and access only the data you want them to see 
LUSID control

Win more clients and keep them

Tailor your clients' experience by giving them access and tools to do more with their own investment data 

  • Give clients access and the tools to query their own data without compromising your internal functions 
  • Enable clients to create and customise their own data feeds and integrate it into their own portals 
  • Let your clients carry out what-if portfolio testing using live portfolio data 
LUSID customer

It’s simple to switch to LUSID. You’ll see the benefits from day one

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