LUSID – Operational Data Store (ODS)

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Control, consolidate, and simplify your financial data to drive growth and reduce operational costs.

LUSID's Operational Data Store provides the next generation technology architecture to support business operations while solving enterprise-wide data accessibility, trustworthiness and timeliness challenges.

Unlock the value in your data to enhance the customer experience, minimise compliance risk and reduce total cost of ownership through our financially literate data platform as a service.

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Access, control and understand your financial data with FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack as your Operational Data Store

Improve data management capabilities across your key business processes and models.

Fetch data on demand from multiple data sources in a single view

Consolidate firmwide data sources at the point of origin with financial meaning. LUSID’s bitemporality can aggregate these sources from any point in time to generate a single view of record that has a full audit history.

Expand data accessibility and eliminate data silos across your organisation.


Run front-to-back financial solutions

Use innate financial services data concepts, models, and financial lineage to quickly support critical financial processes from portfolio management to regulatory reporting.

Financial solutions

Legacy operational datastore or datahub replacement

Integrate, consolidate, normalise, reproduce, and distribute business critical data with a full audit trail, which can allow the platform to work in tandem with existing legacy systems, or replace them entirely. Remove the need to maintain costly hardware, upgrade and release processes.

Data store

Why LUSID - Operational Data Store (ODS)?

Check IconCloud-native, SaaS offering

LUSID enables Financial Institutions to migrate their data to the cloud, leveraging world class data security, compliance, and audit processes.

Check IconReduce total cost of ownership

Designed to be cloud native, LUSID can separately scale elastic storage and compute on demand, so you have full transparency and control over your data costs. By using our Software as a Service, you remove the need to maintain costly hardware, upgrade, and release processes.

Check IconScalable and adaptable solution

FINBOURNE’s developer friendly framework and extensible data model empowers technology teams to quickly deliver fit for purpose business solutions.


Check IconFaster time to implementation

LUSID’s open architecture allows for easy integration with existing applications via open APIs. LUSID can be used in a modular fashion, allowing low risk, incremental migration away from legacy systems without the need for “big bang” transformations.

Check IconSolve "Run the Business" problems

Unlike traditional data warehouses that are simply used for storage and 'observe the business' problems, LUSID can function as an operational data store to solve time-sensitive 'run the business' problems, while Luminesce provides near real-time observations as data flows through the organisation.

Check IconSecure Identity and Access Management

Increase end-to-end transparency in the organisation, through controlled access to financial data with granular Role-Based Access Control.


Product roadmap

Read our latest updates, including what we've released and what we're working on.

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Product roadmap

Got questions? We have answers.

Question iconCan I trial LUSID?
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You can create a secure trial account in minutes to test LUSID's functionality. You can securely input your own data or use our sample data. LUSID is free for 30 days (including all features and functionalities). This lets you test and evaluate LUSID at no cost - without the need to source, license, load and operate data feeds for security static data, prices and corporate actions. Sign up at
Question iconHow can I access LUSID?
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You can access LUSID in the way that best suits you via the LUSID website, secure Excel add-in or directly via our APIs.
Question iconWhere is LUSID hosted?
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LUSID is a cloud-first platform hosted securely on AWS. It benefits from AWS' world-class physical security in addition to our own comprehensive security practices.

Read more about our approach to security.

Question iconWhat is your data model?
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LUSID has an extensible data model which means we are opinionated only when we are required to be. This lets you define the custom attributes which are important to you and your business.

For more tutorials, tips and use cases, visit our Help Centre.

Question iconHow is LUSID different to a data lake?
expand icon
LUSID shares some common traits - e.g. our flexible data model allows you to store any data via properties, even if you don't have an immediate use for it. However, LUSID avoids some of the issues with Data Lakes becoming Data Swamps by having a loose structure to the data, e.g. how quotes are stored, which makes it easier to search and use the data.

For more tutorials, tips and use cases, visit our Help Centre.


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