What they say about FINBOURNE

“Because FINBOURNE met the criteria of a seed investment for Frontline: Firstly, A big vision almost guaranteed to disrupt the market for asset management software, secondly an ambitious team with very strong and relevant domain knowledge and thirdly a pragmatic investment plan for the seed capital that should create substantial capital value for all stakeholders in the coming 18 months.”

Shay Garvey, Partner, Frontline Ventures, a corporate investor in FINBOURNE

“FINBOURNE’s values of openness and collaboration closely align to those of Thomson Reuters. We are excited by the ability of their LUSID™ technology, which will transform the way asset managers handle data now and in the future.”

Thomson Reuters, partner, provider and corporate investor in FINBOURNE

"I am a keen investor in ventures that can disrupt current ways of doing business using new but proven technologies, especially in the fintech sphere. The concept that FINBOURNE presented together with the highly competent and experienced team convinced me that this was an excellent investment opportunity.  I was particularly attracted to the fact that FINBOURNE's technology is not disruption for the sake of it but will deliver more efficient and cost effective solutions for customers than existing legacy platforms."

Keith Morris, Chairman, Sabre Insurance and a private investor in FINBOURNE

“The founders and team at FINBOURNE are highly experienced specifically in the targeted Asset Management business bringing all the key functional disciplines and great knowledge of, and relationships within, the customer base. Their state of the art LUSID technology brings substantial value to their clients within a systemically important global business sector. FINBOURNE’s SaaS business model is supremely scalable.”

Roger Allen, international technology investor, former Chair and Founder of Allen and Buckeridge Investment Management and member of Science and Technology Advisory Boards for two Australian Prime Ministers - a private investor in FINBOURNE

"I invested in FINBOURNE in a personal capacity due to the experience and integrity of the management team"

Chris Fleming, Vice-Chairman, Nomura Europe and a private investor in FINBOURNE