FINBOURNE and Tumelo partner to help fund managers reflect investor’s voting interests  


FINBOURNE and Tumelo partner to help fund managers reflect investor’s voting interests  

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London, New York, Singapore, 20 February 2023 – FINBOURNE Technology today announces a new partnership with market-leading investor voting Fintech, Tumelo. Integrating Tumelo’s voting technology into FINBOURNE’s cloud-native investment data management platform, LUSID, will help fund managers better understand and reflect investors’ voting interests.  

The partnership aims to contribute to greater shareholder democracy, as investors seek to become more active owners of the companies that form their pensions and investments. With increasingly diverse views on sustainable investing, investors are now demanding more say over the issues that matter to them; from board elections to climate change.   

Backed by Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (FISV), Tumelo’s API-driven platform delivers fund managers a cost-effective way to provide voting capabilities for retail and institutional investors. Armed with real-time vote reporting, fund managers can leverage Tumelo’s flexible voting products to establish more robust stewardship communication and alignment with investors, as well as stay ahead of anticipated regulatory changes. 

Made available through FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack, the partnership enables fund managers to understand the issues and resolutions that matter to underlying investors, by capturing investor preferences, through pass through voting or expression of wish. This ability will prove invaluable as they look to forge long term relationships with existing clients and attract new investors. 

The integration will deliver unrivalled access to aggregated investor vote preference data, vote policy information and investor voting insights. Importantly, it will not only support managers in meeting their fiduciary duties efficiently but also opens the door for investment firms to consider the role they may play in addressing ESG and sustainability challenges.    

Will Goodwin, a co-founder at Tumelo, commented: “Tumelo was created with the ambition to achieve greater shareholder democracy for all investors. Having worked very closely with the industry to build a suite of products that solves a real problem for the industry, it’s clear that effective stewardship is at the heart of achieving this vision. We provide fund managers with an unmatched opportunity to better understand and build trust with investors, adding value to the relationship and helping them to attract and retain a diverse client base.” 

Alokik Advani, Managing Partner, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (FISV), commented: “What is exciting about Tumelo is the use of cloud technology to increase shareholder engagement. This has mass appeal across a growing global community of members, trustees and investors who want to express their views and values. Integrating this capability within FINBOURNE’s open investment data management platform, provides a valuable tool for fund managers, to respond to increased investor demands for democracy and greater dialogue, in a controlled and intuitive way.” 

Matthew Luff, Head of Partnerships at FINBOURNE Technology, adds: “Fund managers perform best when they create products their customers want and can meaningfully engage with. In an industry where transparency and accountability are becoming paramount, enabling our clients to understand what investors are prepared to vote on is both an exciting and a necessary step. We are pleased to offer this service through our partnership with Tumelo and enable our clients to create positive change through valuable data insights.” 


For further information please contact: 

Mittal Shah 
Head of External Communications 
FINBOURNE Technology  
+44 (0) 204 534 4105 

About FINBOURNE Technology

FINBOURNE Technology was founded in December 2016 with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency and trust in capital markets. In six years, we have grown from seven founders to over 190 employees, with operations in North America and Asia-Pacific. Leveraging SaaS technology and a secure cloud infrastructure, our solutions LUSID®, LUSID PMS™ and Luminesce® are designed to liberate, simplify and connect data, for emerging hedge funds, through to established global investment, banking and capital markets institutions. 

Delivering an interoperable Modern Financial Data Stack, we offer cutting-edge infrastructure that sits at the heart of global capital markets, reducing operational complexity and total cost of ownership. FINBOURNE is trusted by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, including Fidelity International, London Stock Exchange Group, Baillie Gifford and Railpen.    

About Tumelo

Tumelo was established at Cambridge University, where founders Georgia, Will and Ben campaigned for the sustainable investment of their university’s £6 billion fund.  

Tumelo is a pioneering impact-focused financial technology firm, and their mission is to empower shareholder democracy with technology that supports impactful stewardship. 

Tumelo provides products to multiple stakeholders in the investment sector to improve alignment between fund managers and retail and institutional investors. The company’s products provide each stakeholder with vote preference data, via pass through voting or expression of wish, and the investor insights and information they need to carry out their fiduciary duties with ease. 

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