FINBOURNE Interviews Andrew Neudegg

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FINBOURNE Interviews Andrew Neudegg

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In the latest of our Culture and Diversity series, we speak to Andrew Neudegg, Head of DevOps. Having joined FINBOURNE as a Junior Developer 5 years ago, Andrew tells us how he has grown with the company, developing both technical and leadership skills, to now lead a large engineering team. In this Q&A we learn about the diversity of projects that Andrew works on day-to-day, and how he has taken advantage of FINBOURNE’s continuous learning opportunities to set himself up for a successful career in Fintech. 

What does your role involve at FINBOURNE? 

I oversee the people, technology, and processes that enable FINBOURNE to deliver world-class software. We manage our cloud environments, essential software for the LUSID platform, and client-facing tools like our software development kits. 

Additionally, we handle technical Business Continuity Planning, monitor cloud costs, and work closely with teams across the whole of FINBOURNE. My focus is ensuring my team are responsive and adaptable to company needs whilst supporting a culture of continuous development and improvement. To achieve this, it’s important that my team are engaged, fulfilling their potential and ultimately enjoying their work. 

On an average day, I participate in standups, meetings with stakeholders, and planning sessions to keep projects on track. I also work on proof-of-concepts, review and propose architectural changes, assist team members and clients with technical challenges, and engage with experts to enhance our offerings for FINBOURNE and our clients. 

You have been here since you were a Junior Developer, and now lead a large team. What’s your journey been like so far? 

Every day at FINBOURNE has been exciting. Coming to FINBOURNE from a small startup after university, I lacked process and engineering know-how. Starting at FINBOURNE taught me how engineering should be done, thanks to the support of highly skilled engineers and managers who invested their time in developing junior team members. A unique aspect of FINBOURNE’s culture which has continued as the company has scaled, is that everyone is always willing to lend a hand or share knowledge, even if it isn’t their top priority. 

I aspired to lead a team and seized the opportunity when it arose. Despite my lack of experience, I had the full support and trust of management and the wider team which was key to resolving many of the challenges DevOps faced in the early days. Leading the team, I’ve been shaped by my colleagues as much as I’ve helped to shape the team, working collaboratively to make our tech and processes more reliable. I’m extremely proud that our infrastructure architecture is reference material for Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Whether refining a process, developing new features, or learning about the latest in cloud technology and security, each day offers fresh opportunities to innovate and grow, ensuring our work is always challenging and rewarding. 

Can you tell me some more about the opportunities FINBOURNE gives engineers to develop and progress their careers?  

There are a variety of pathways for engineers to develop their career. Whilst I decided to progress down the leadership route, engineers can also take on roles as Individual Contributors. I appreciate FINBOURNE for valuing my potential and willingness to learn over my initial expertise. Over the past five years, I’ve managed the delivery of work items, honing my diligence, planning, and communication skills. This has enabled me to progress into the role I hold today. 

New hires can make an impact from day one, such as contributing to code changes in production, with the help of experienced engineers. 

FINBOURNE also offers 3–5-day technical training courses on topics like Advanced PostgreSQL, Python and Data Analytics, and Terraform, with materials and qualifications funded by the company. 

For me however, the greatest learning opportunity at FINBOURNE is the wealth of knowledge across the business. Weekly code crafts, team knowledge-transfer sessions, FINBOURNE Q&As, and a library of books support continuous learning and development. 

Finally, why would you encourage an engineer to pursue a role at FINBOURNE? 

FINBOURNE is an exciting, rapidly growing company where you have the opportunity to work on tough technical problems with some of the most experienced engineers and business specialists in the industry. Working at FINBOURNE has accelerated my career, providing me with opportunities and responsibilities I wouldn’t have gained as quickly at a larger, less dynamic organisation. 

The flat structure allows you to get involved in any problem with just one conversation. You’ll work with cutting-edge technologies and mission-critical systems, learning from and teaching engaged technologists. This has allowed me to tackle diverse challenges across many domains. 

FINBOURNE offers flexibility, focusing on productivity rather than hours in the office, ensuring happy and productive employees.  

Our strong community includes regular social events and gatherings. ‘The People Forum’ enhances employee well-being and happiness, ensuring everyone benefits from FINBOURNE’s success. I’ve made good friends in my colleagues at FINBOURNE. 

At FINBOURNE, we have a variety of open positions across our global office locations. Why not check out our Careers page to learn more? 

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