FINBOURNE Technology and TraderMade sign partnership to make TraderMade data available to LUSID clients


FINBOURNE Technology and TraderMade sign partnership to make TraderMade data available to LUSID clients

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TraderMade, a market leading vendor of FX research, data and charting applications, has signed a partnership with FINBOURNE Technology to make its data available on LUSID, the open investment data platform. TraderMade data is available without charge as part of the 90 day free evaluation period available to all clients that sign up to LUSID.

TraderMade provides a source of daily closing FX rates for all major currency pairs for use within the LUSID platform to support investment management processes and analytics.

TraderMade’s data is fully integrated into the demonstration portfolios available via API when a customer signs up to LUSID. In addition, customers can upload their own portfolios and value them using TraderMade FX rates.

LUSID is an open, API-first, developer friendly investment data platform for the investment management industry. Delivered as a service on AWS, LUSID enables organisations to build operational models which suits their evolving needs. Customers can sign up for the LUSID Early Access Program which gives them 90 days free access to all of its functionality, including market and FX data. At the end of the 90 day EAP trial, customers have the option to subscribe to TraderMade through LUSID.

Chris Randall, CEO of TraderMade said: “ We share a common vision with FINBOURNE Technology in putting APIs at the front and centre of our business. Providing our data through LUSID will further our offering across the investment industry.”

TraderMade joins market data provider Exchange Data International (EDI) as a LUSID market data partner. EDI data is available as an option to all LUSID clients and is available without charge as part of the LUSID free 90 day evaluation period available on sign-up.

Thomas McHugh, CO-CEO of FINBOURNE Technology said: “ We’re changing the way in which people manage and interact with their investment data. With LUSID, we’re democratising the way in which the investment industry can use market and reference data within key investment management processes.”

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