FINBOURNE Technology appoints Robert Byrne as CTO, as it expands into North America and Asia-Pacific


FINBOURNE Technology appoints Robert Byrne as CTO, as it expands into North America and Asia-Pacific

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London, New York, Singapore, 18 May 2022 – SaaS Investment Data Management Provider, FINBOURNE Technology, announces the appointment of Robert Byrne in the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as it continues to forge ahead with its cloud-native, API-first investment data management platform; LUSID. The appointment marks the next phase of growth for the fast-moving SaaS scale-up, which now stands at over 140 employees, globally.

The appointment of a CTO coincides with FINBOURNE’s recent expansion into North America and Asia-Pacific – where it aims to unlock digital data management capabilities across firms and become the backbone of the global investment community. The appointment of Robert Byrne, as CTO will facilitate company’s ambition and forms part of a committed hiring drive, as it builds on its core team and successful appeal across a growing global client base.

With over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services Robert brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in data management, having held positions at Barclays Capital, RBS and UBS Delta. Much of Robert’s experience, including the evolution of market and trade data transparency, and eliminating operational inefficiencies aligns with FINBOURNE’s own mission to lower the cost of investing and increase transparency in the industry.

In his new role, Robert will be managing a skilled and diverse team of developers, to identify viable market opportunities and build requisite functionality using SaaS technology and API-led data tools. As part of the company’s expansion, he will be joined by new domain experts across the UK, North America and Asia-Pacific, including Martin Shaw, who was recently appointed in the client engagement team, and brings both product management and sales experience from SimCorp and Charles River Development.

Having supported some of the world’s largest financial institutions, from Refinitiv and the London Stock Exchange, to Fidelity International and Baillie Gifford, FINBOURNE has recently tackled the hedge fund space, where it aims to deliver efficiency and scale, with its next generation portfolio management system; LUSID PMS. Moving forward, it will explore solutions to more closely support private markets managers, as it continues to challenge incumbent providers and empower firms with cloud-native solutions that restore confidence and control.  

Robert Byrne, Chief Technology Officer, FINBOURNE Technology comments: “It is exciting to return home to the world of Financial Services technology. Having worked with some of the founding members in the past, and with a shared philosophy on the capabilities that a strong data management foundation can deliver, I am genuinely looking forward to contributing to FINBOURNE’s mission, and to evolving its interoperable data stack, to fix inherent data struggles and provide a future-proof solution.”

Thomas McHugh, CEO and Co-Founder, FINBOURNE Technology adds: “We are pleased to welcome Robert Byrne to FINBOURNE. Robert’s skills and expertise will help us to build on our distinct and interoperable approach to data management. This, combined with a firm vote of confidence from our clients and investors, puts us in a strong position to build on our success and support buy-side firms to meet their desired outcomes in both in the UK and as we enter new markets. As we do this, we aim to eliminate the operational pain that has burdened the industry for far too long, and instead deliver faster access to the value within investment data.”


For further information please contact:

Chris Goodreds 

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FINBOURNE Technology  

+44 (0) 204 534 4098 

About FINBOURNE Technology

FINBOURNE Technology was founded in December 2016 with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency. In five years, we have grown from seven founders to over 140 employees, with entities in the North America and Asia-Pacific. Our interoperable, SaaS-native solutions LUSID®, LUSID PMS™ and Luminesce® are designed to restore confidence and control over your data, empowering everyone from emerging hedge funds to established global institutions.

Built as a bitemporal engine and using open APIs, our flagship platform LUSID® ingests and translates data across organisations’ existing operational stack and wider ecosystem. The data platform supports IBOR, ABOR, tax-lot accounting, valuation and risk workflows.

Luminesce®, a data virtualisation engine, solves the need to find and securely gather an extended world of data in real-time, enabling deeper insights and analytics. Together, they offer a new and interoperable approach to data management, achieving value within a faster time to market.

LUSID PMS™ our next generation portfolio management system, delivers hedge funds the ability to access core investment data – such as real-time positions and cash – in a single data store, as well as produce shadow NAVs, reconcile positions, calculate firmwide risk analytics, and build bespoke functionality with inbuilt tools and integrations to market-leading vendors and systems.

Delivering an interoperable data stack of the future, we provide the cutting-edge infrastructure that sits at the heart of the global investment industry. FINBOURNE is trusted by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, including Fidelity International, Baillie Gifford and Railpen. 

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