Introducing FINBOURNE Horizon

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Introducing FINBOURNE Horizon

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FINBOURNE Horizon is our suite of partnerships and interfaces with third party vendors and service providers. The program enables data to be imported and exported, while also adding new functionalities desired by clients. It forms a curated ecosystem for our core products, enabling users easy, integrated access to a broad range of specialist solutions, helping clients to respond quickly in a fast-evolving market.

What is FINBOURNE Horizon and why take a partnerships approach?

Delivering on our core strengths, so you can deliver on your objectives 

FINBOURNE has always pursued an open approach to technology. We share our methodologies, best practices and industry knowledge, so that our clients can build upon our platform and expertise and integrate with complementary vendors and data sources. 

Similarly, FINBOURNE Horizon has been developed to lower the cost of and provide easy access to a growing list of providers who can help derive value from data and support IP through high quality products.  Our partnerships allow us to continue delivering our core strengths of data aggregation, interpretation and transformation and rely on the specialist knowledge of our external partners, for everything else.

This ensures our clients receive access to the best solutions in the market, underpinned by our API-first, Modern Financial Data Stack. Furthermore, trusted data managed within our LUSID platform, can be made available to multiple systems downstream, ensuring uniformity and transparency across investment functions.

What value does this deliver FINBOURNE’s clients?

Low friction integrations that remove the cost and procurement burden

FINBOURNE Horizon increases client choice, by enabling them to build, buy or outsource depending on their focus, while easily interoperating with our core data platform. It’s operational change on your terms, whether you are looking to access emerging technologies for competitive edge, or outsource non-differentiating activities.

An example of this is our strategic partnership with FlexTrade where we integrate the FlexNow EMS solution and workflows directly into our Modern Financial Data Stack, without any heavy lifting. While our recent partnership with Denominator exposes companies to DEI data sets that have been used extensively in supply chain analysis but less so in financial markets, This  increases the potential for alpha through the introduction of a new investment strategy, while also helping firms respond to evolving regulatory and investor demand.

How will FINBOURNE Horizon support capital markets in the future?

Access a world of data and innovation on one platform

Going back to our mission, FINBOURNE Horizon is about creating mutual benefit for both our clients and our partners, rather than a traditional transactional marketplace. We bring together industry stakeholders, whether vendors or business users, to solve industry-wide problems – increasing efficiency and transparency, and reducing costs.

As FINBOURNE Horizon expands, the number of vendors and participants grows and the potential for cross-pollination of ideas and new services increases exponentially. Being able to harness this community for the common good, sits squarely with our ambition to transition the global investment community into the future.

See our latest partnership announcement  with Tumelo here. For more information on FINBOURNE Horizon and how it can help your organisation, get in touch here.

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