LSEG – London Stock Exchange Group partners with FINBOURNE to power digital data program across the business


LSEG – London Stock Exchange Group partners with FINBOURNE to power digital data program across the business

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LSEG adopts FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform as part of its digital data foundation across wealth and investment solutions business.

The partnership sees LSEG make a strategic investment in FINBOURNE.

London, 11 October 2021 – FINBOURNE Technology’s SaaS investment data management platform, LUSID will be adopted by LSEG – London Stock Exchange Group – wealth and investment solutions businesses as a digital data component. Forming an arm of the Group’s digital and cloud program, LUSID will provide a scalable and virtual real-time data repository, consolidating multi-asset class data, across the businesses.

LSEG will also make a strategic investment in FINBOURNE, which will see both entities actively working to innovate and develop new capabilities, to deliver value added services and enhanced, user-intuitive solutions to the institution’s global clients.

Born in the cloud, FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform was chosen for its ability to deliver an extensive data model securely, through a robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. The platform’s open-source architecture and APIs, form part of LSEG’s strategy to create an open, transparent and interoperable ecosystem across the group.

FINBOURNE will work with LSEG’s Data and Analytics division to innovate and evolve data services solutions in the following business areas:

Wealth: LSEG’s Wealth Management division offers customers a suite of Portfolio and Advisory services integrating client data from multiple sources with LSEG content. LUSID’s cloud-first approach will form part of the evolution of LSEG’s wealth solutions, as it meets increased digital adoption among wealth advisers. Core to this is a consolidated client-centric view of financial holdings and unstructured data, held in multiple sources.

Investment Solutions: LSEG’s Investment Solutions division offers clients enhanced data management as part of its PORT portfolio management solution. LUSID’s bitemporal Investment Book of Record (IBOR), will support LSEG in enabling a dynamic data view across timelines, and with complete lineage.

Emily Prince, Group Director of Fixed Income Analytics, LSEG – London Stock Exchange Group comments: “The partnership with FINBOURNE supports LSEG’s open access environment for its clients to leverage the breadth of data, analytics and integrated workflow solutions.  We look forward to working with FINBOURNE, drawing on our joint financial market expertise, to create new services and flexible solutions to better serve our clients.”

Thomas McHugh, CEO and Co-founder, FINBOURNE Technology adds: “The partnership and investment from LSEG, is a key milestone for FINBOURNE, as we get closer to realising our vision; powering the investment data processes that sit at the heart of the industry. We’ve taken years of financial industry best practice, combined with advanced cloud-first technology, to create a data platform that empowers our clients to deliver better investment decisions. We look forward to continuing this innovation, as we support the transformation of such an esteemed global institution.”

For further information please contact:

Chris Goodreds 

Head of Marketing 

FINBOURNE Technology  

+44 (0) 204 534 4098 

About FINBOURNE Technology

FINBOURNE Technology was founded in December 2016 with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency for everyone. Started by seven members of the buy side, the company has grown to over 100 people. Our flagship SaaS-native solutions; LUSID® and Luminesce® feature a bitemporal IBOR, built from inception, empowering investment data processes for start-up fund managers, all the way to global investment institutions. Leveraging an API-first, open-source approach, clients benefit from superior data performance and common workflows, while removing integration costs. With this foundational technology delivered as a service, we aim to provide cutting-edge, cloud infrastructure that sits at the heart of the global investment industry.

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