Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd selects FINBOURNE to enhance data consolidation and portfolio management capabilities


Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd selects FINBOURNE to enhance data consolidation and portfolio management capabilities

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London, New York, Singapore, 2 May 2023 – Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd, a London-based investment management firm has chosen FINBOURNE Technology’s SaaS-native Modern Financial Data Stack as its operational data hub. The firm will leverage FINBOURNE’s LUSID PMS and Luminesce, for portfolio management and improved data consolidation, respectively, to help scale their investment operations. 

Omba, who serve family offices and high-net-worth clients and manage a range of UCITS funds have continued to grow their client base and Assets Under Management through turbulent economic conditions. To support this growth, FINBOURNE will deliver a flexible data hub which will provide control over Omba’s investment data and processes and increased automation for their management reporting and operational capabilities. 

Improved data governance 

FINBOURNE will provide Omba with real-time access to investment data across their operational ecosystem. Utilising Luminesce, FINBOURNE’s data virtualization engine, data from multiple custodians, CRM providers and external market data vendors will be connected, interpreted and stored securely in a centralised cloud-native platform without data duplication.  

Using intuitive digital dashboards and API’s, Omba will leverage quality, reconciled data to gain granular insights on a diverse range of data sets including; portfolios, transactions, instruments, holdings, fund flows and NAVs.  FINBOURNE will provide the tools and workflows to aggregate, analyse and report on daily positions, increasing data accessibility and enabling Omba to move towards a more mature enterprise architecture and scalable operating model.  

This improved data governance will reduce the firm’s overall system complexity and streamline their regular operational processes. This will enable the firm to decrease the overall cost of data ownership across the organisation, future-proof investment operations and enable future planned system integrations. 

Enhanced portfolio management 

Leveraging LUSID PMS and a host of SaaS and API-first capabilities, FINBOURNE will provide pre-trade compliance, trading connectivity and sophisticated portfolio rebalancing utilising a customised approach. This will enable Omba to streamline their order management workflows, increase Straight Through Processing and gain a clear view of their asset allocation to reduce risk. 

David Pierson Chief Operating Officer at Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd comments: “After a thorough market review, FINBOURNE’s open investment data management platform is a clear choice for Omba.  FINBOURNE will provide us with streamlined data integration and real-time data access across our operational ecosystem and we are confident that this partnership will support our ambitious growth plans and help scale the business in the future.” 

Thomas McHugh, CEO and Co-founder, FINBOURNE Technology adds: “We’re pleased to welcome Omba to our rapidly growing list of clients using FINBOURNE technology to access, understand and control data across a complex system landscape. We look forward to working with Omba, helping them reduce their data ownership cost and future-proof their investment infrastructure with our Modern Financial Data Stack” 


For further information please contact: 

Chris Goodreds 
Head of Marketing 
FINBOURNE Technology  
+44 (0) 204 534 4098 

About FINBOURNE Technology  

FINBOURNE Technology was founded in December 2016 with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency and trust in capital markets. In six years, we have grown from seven founders to over 200 employees, with operations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Leveraging SaaS technology and a secure cloud infrastructure, our solutions LUSID®, LUSID PMS™ and Luminesce® are designed to liberate, simplify and connect data, for emerging hedge funds, through to established global investment, banking and capital markets institutions. 

Delivering an interoperable Modern Financial Data Stack, we offer cutting-edge infrastructure that sits at the heart of global capital markets, reducing operational complexity and total cost of ownership. FINBOURNE is trusted by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, including Fidelity International, London Stock Exchange Group, Baillie Gifford and Railpen.  

About Omba Advisory & Investments  

Omba advises and manages money for Family Offices and High Net Worth clients and are the Investment Manager to a range of UCITS funds. The firm is an ETF specialist and builds and manages globally diverse, low-cost portfolios of ETFs which are robustly managed through a transparent process to deliver value and manage costs effectively for investors. Omba launched its first Irish UCITS fund in 2019 and won the prestigious PAM Awards Emerging Manager in 2020. The firm services a range of clients globally and has recently expanded its Advisory service offering to include advising on pensions and insurance. 

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