Seilern Investment Management selects FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack to scale for rapid growth


Seilern Investment Management selects FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack to scale for rapid growth

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London, New York, Singapore, 21 March 2023 – Seilern Investment Management, the independent and privately-owned quality growth investment management firm, has selected FINBOURNE Technology’s Modern Financial Data Stack to scale its investment operations, amid rapid growth. The firm will leverage FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform as a cloud-native data hub, to enhance its investment-decision making and client services.  

The selection comes as the firm tripled its AUM in the last four years and has seen a consistent increase in both the number of clients and volume of transactions. With a diverse client base, Seilern Investment Management has ambitious growth plans over the next decade. In line with this, is the decision to move to a resilient, cloud-native platform to achieve optimal investment operational systems and reduced cost of ownership.   

After a thorough market review, Seilern Investment Management selected FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack, comprising its LUSID platform and a host of SaaS and API-first capabilities, to deliver timely investment data and the scalability and efficiency needed, to meet the needs of the business and its expanding client base.  

The decision will deliver Seilern Investment Management with high levels of control, efficiency and confidence over investment data and processes, enabling it with the flexibility required to evolve on cloud infrastructure, to respond to market changes in the coming years.   

New data hub for client and business excellence  

Seilern Investment Management will now utilise FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform as its data hub to store and analyse client and transactional information, moving from batched processes to receiving daily-updated data, to improve its operations and client service across several functions and workflows.  

With innate financial literacy, LUSID eliminates operational risk and achieves better support for storage, aggregation, analysis and reporting of a diverse range of data sets including; portfolios, transactions, instruments, holdings, fund flows and NAVs.  

The timely access to high-quality data in one streamlined platform enhances the firm’s ability to deliver client excellence and assess new opportunities, with the opportunity to track investment and redemption trends of its growing client base. 

Augmented data visualisation and insights  

To empower informed investment decision-making and client insights, Seilern Investment Management will leverage LUSID’s data visualisation capabilities, to create bespoke dashboards and graphs. This includes the ability to drill-down and gain insights across metrics such as client holdings, inflows and outflows.  

LUSID’s bitemporal feature means the firm can also access and rewind data across timelines, with full lineage, to augment business intelligence, as well as investment workflows.  

Achieving an open and connected ecosystem  

Featuring transparent, comprehensive APIs, the new data hub will enable Seilern Investment Management to smoothly import and export data across the firm’s operational ecosystem, from its custodian and CRM, to external market data vendors. Furthermore, datasets from the hub can be joined with those contained in other systems, to ensure consistent quality and avoid duplication.  

This will have a positive impact on reporting processes and, together with an intuitive digital dashboard, Seilern will be able to optimise and transform underlying data to create both standard and bespoke reports. 

Stuart Gunderson, Chief Operating Officer at Seilern Investment Management comments: “With over 30 years of operating history, we recognise that transformation is vital to continuing our success and facilitating future growth. We are pleased to partner with FINBOURNE Technology in this journey and are confident LUSID will deliver desired future-state infrastructure while reducing our total cost of ownership. In time, we look forward to expanding the scope to achieve additional efficiencies”. 

Thomas McHugh, CEO and Co-founder, FINBOURNE Technology adds: “We are pleased to welcome Seilern Investment Management to our growing global community. We know there is a clear urgency to access clean, interoperable data, while lowering cost and risk. It is why our evolutionary Modern Financial Data Stack delivers financial services firms the careful balance they seek; between low-risk and low-cost operational transformation and the flexibility and speed to interpret and derive value from their data. With our domain expertise and SaaS-native technology validated by clients globally, we are steadfast in our mission to empower firms with the confidence to innovate on their own terms and support future growth.” 


For further information please contact: 

Chris Goodreds 

Head of Marketing 

FINBOURNE Technology  

+44 (0) 204 534 4098 

About FINBOURNE Technology  

FINBOURNE Technology was founded in December 2016 with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency and trust in capital markets. In six years, we have grown from seven founders to over 190 employees, with operations in North America and Asia-Pacific. Leveraging SaaS technology and a secure cloud infrastructure, our solutions LUSID®, LUSID PMS™ and Luminesce® are designed to liberate, simplify and connect data, for emerging hedge funds, through to established global investment, banking and capital markets institutions. 

Delivering an interoperable Modern Financial Data Stack, we offer cutting-edge infrastructure that sits at the heart of global capital markets, reducing operational complexity and total cost of ownership. FINBOURNE is trusted by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, including Fidelity International, London Stock Exchange Group, Baillie Gifford and Railpen.    

About Seilern Investment Management 

Seilern Investment Management (Seilern) is a quality growth equity investment firm, serving institutional investors and professional investors, including pension funds, family offices, private wealth managers, funds of funds as well as advisory and discretionary intermediaries via investment fund platforms throughout Europe.  It has won numerous awards as an investment house in its own right, as have the Seilern funds listed below, for which it is the investment manager.  

Seilern was founded by its Chairman Peter Seilern in 1989, since when the firm can be singled out for its principled, consistent and effective investment philosophy. This centres on identifying businesses that have a long-term sustainable advantage and investing in them over the full course of the economic cycle. Seilern manages high conviction, high-quality equity portfolios investing in rigorously researched global, US and European growth companies, held for the long term.   

Total assets under management and advice of the firm as at 30 September 2022 stood at approximately $2.3billion. The three core quality growth equity funds in the Seilern stable are Seilern World Growth, Seilern America and Seilern Europa.  The funds can be purchased directly or on a large number of platforms throughout Europe.  

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