Culture and Diversity

FINBOURNE Interviews Arun Kelshiker, Vice Chair – CFA UK’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

FINBOURNE speaks to Arun Kelshiker, Vice Chair of CFA UK’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. Arun talks about the disparity in minority representation within the Financial Services industry and the real business benefits of embracing cognitively diverse teams to fuel innovation and empower the next generation.

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Culture and Diversity

FINBOURNE Interviews Liz Pfeuti, Financial Journalist and CCO, Rhotic Media

In conversation with FINBOURNE Technology , Liz Pfeuti, Chief Client Officer of Rhotic Media, talks about how technology has revolutionised the investment industry and why there are still so many barriers facing women.

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Culture and Diversity

FINBOURNE Interviews Reboot, The Diversity Project and Talk about Black

As part of our Culture and Diversity Series, FINBOURNE Technology interviews three leading industry groups to evaluate progress on under-representation in financial services, discuss future DE&I goals for the sector and the organisations driving change. 

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Culture and Diversity

We Need a Renewed Focus on Goal 5: Gender Equality

Despite a steady rise of female representation in the workplace, the lack of females in leadership and decision-making roles remains a global issue. FINBOURNE partner and DEI data provider, Denominator, highlight the stark reality of gender inequality in the workplace, in its recent findings. The article explores the need for quantifiable and standardised data to hold companies accountable, while also empowering them to create meaningful change for women across the world.

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Culture and Diversity

Is your business thinking about D&I the way it really should?

Mittal Shah discusses the value of D&I to Financial Services businesses, based on the stark findings of recent industry research. The article explores why D&I still has a way to go in financial services, the need for leadership buy-in and the significant benefits it can deliver to the business, its employees and society at large.

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Culture and Diversity

FINBOURNE interviews Nadia Edwards-Dashti

FINBOURNE speaks to Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at the technology recruitment firm, Harrington Starr. We hear about her career journey, her new book and her efforts to transform the finance industry in the future.

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