Portfolio Management

Make better investment decisions, faster and more efficiently

Our cloud-native, API-first Portfolio Management capabilities allow you to make better, faster and more efficient investment decisions.

LUSID, our market leading investment and data management platform provides your team with the tools they need to take positions, conduct operations, and generate detailed accounts.

Portfolio Management

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Grow the value of your investments

Create innovative strategies by leveraging data that was previously out of reach.

Improve efficiency

Reduce manual intervention, overcome your dependence on legacy systems, and consolidate your capabilities with a single vendor.

Impose controls and manage risk

Impose pre and post trade controls easily and alert teams and users when a risk arises.

Design, test, realise and manage your investment strategy in a controlled way

Monitor investments in near real-time


Investment book of record (IBOR)

Use dashboards to monitor your securities, positions, P&L, exposure, valuations, and cashflow

Scenario planning and stress testing

Model market events and stress test your positions using highly customisable pre-configured calculations called 'recipes'

Portfolio Contruction

Define, and quicky modify your investment model by allocating weights to your portfolio to achieve your desired exposures


Book trades and manage them through the entire trade lifecycle


Bottom up or top-down allocation

Book trades by altering your investment models weights, or by selecting specific securities

Customize rules

Define preferred brokers and set highly customisable rules for each order

Monitoring and data capture

Monitor trades as they progress through the trade life cycle and set automatic alerts prompting teams to act


Define rules, controls and processes to ensure compliance with regulations


Pre and post-trade compliance

Create rules that prevent orders being placed for securities that would compromise governance rules, or the portfolio's make up

Smart alerts and notifications

Create custom rules that trigger notifications to users which prompt them to initiate decisions

Discover how we empower investment data processes and drive operational growth for emerging hedge funds to established global institutions.
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Enables robust investment decision making

End users can get instantaneous access to every piece of information, financial or non-financial, that their organisaiton has sourced internally or externally.

Provides a wide suite of advanced solutions

Our investment management solutions enable seamless cooperation across the front, middle and back office and deliver everything from accounting, operations, and data management solutions.

Deals with every asset class

Able to deal with both public and private market assets, we eliminate the need for organisations to use separate systems for each asset class.

Is easy to deploy

We can interact with clients’ existing technology, algorithms, and processes via APIs OR replicate them in FINBOURNE’s systems with highly configurable workflows.

Who we serve

Front Office

Generate alpha and make better investment decisions by giving your team access to clean, mastered, and timely data.

Middle Office

Drive operational efficiency by managing every asset class in a single, front-to-back system, with automated pre and post-trade processes.

Back Office

Guarantee compliance and mitigate risks by establishing clear rules and processes that ensure that your investments align with your fund's rules.


Minimise cost and future-proof your technology by investing in an open, scalable, SaaS based, data management solution.

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Want to learn more?

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